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  1. If I setup dial plan Pattern Replacement 9(\*)([0-9]*).* \1\2 Please what is the meaning of this setup? There is very little documentation on dial plans.
  2. How do i setup dial plan - remove 0 and replace with 011234 i tried using Pattern: 0* Replacement: 011234* (this did not work) User dials 08034423123 - convert outbound to dial 0112348034423123
  3. How do you charge for inbound and outbound calls at the same time if i am using the csv? The documentation https://doc.vodia.com/trunk_rates The documentation only talks about charging for inbound by putting "i" otherwise it would charge for outbound. So, how do i charge for both outbound and inbound at the same time? Direction (optional): If you put the flag "i" here the row will apply for inbound calls, otherwise it will apply for outbound calls. Example for charging for outbound: United Kingdom,44,0.00672,60 Example for charging for inbound only: United Kingdom,44,0.00672,60,i Can i enter it as - United Kingdom,44,0.00672,60,i,o "i" for inbound and "o" for outbound?
  4. For outbound calling within North America 1) For long distance we dial 1-555-555-555 , if it is a local call you dial 444-444-4444 (without the 1) ISSUE: the way i have it setup you have to put 1 in-front of local and long distance calls. Users don't know that they have to add 1 in-front of all calls, because for local calls you don't need to put 1 How do i setup the dial plan so that outbound calls would connect if you dial as follows: dial 1-555-555-555 for long distance or 444-444-4444 (without the 1) for local both should connect 2) From mobile app if you put +1-555-555-5555 does not connect most people save phone numbers on their phone in international format +1 How do i setup to dial out if you dial +1 or 1-555-555-555 , if it is a local call you dial 444-444-4444 (without the 1) the call should connect in all 3 scenarios 3) I have another dial plan for international call with A - Z outbound How do i setup dial plan to call out if you add + in-front of any country code e.g +44 / +232 / +65 (any country code with + before country code) - the call should connect
  5. When you receive the email on your phone 1) Make sure you have the app / dialer already installed 2) Open the email and click on the URL (one time use, has token that expires within 24 hrs) 3) The app opens and it auto inserts the necessary credentials If you don't have the app installed it prompts you to download the app Please contact me privately we can do a demo, i can send you the welcome email to test and see how it works
  6. Do you also plan to integrate with Zoho invoice? Zoho invoice is cheaper to use and has the same features as Freshbooks
  7. Thanks, for the prompt response. 2) "That would be just a simple change of the template for the billing page (dom_billing)." Can you show me an example of what we need to change?
  8. Please contact me privately, i can show you how the Yeaster link works. I can create an account for you to test with and send you a link. The "Welcome Email" has the following: Hi xxxxxx, Your extension has been created. Check your information below. LOG IN PBX  PBX domain: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Username: username@youremail.com  Reset your password in 24 hours: https://xxxx.com/login/findpass.html?findpass.html?randomcode=ggggggaaa&email=username@youremail.com&timestamp=111515151   LOG IN LINKUS  Log in Linkus by QR code (For Mobile Client Only)  Open Linkus Mobile Client and scan the QR code to log in.  The QR code is valid in 24 hours and can only be used once.    QR CODE SHOWS HERE  Log in Linkus by link  The link is valid in 24 hours and can only be used once.  Login Link: https://xxxxx.com  ● For Linkus Mobile Client  1. Copy the login link on your mobile phone, or if you have the email on your phone click on the link.  2. The Linkus Mobile Client opens if you already have the mobile client installed, and Linkus will detect the link and get the login information.  3. Click "OK".  ● For Linkus Desktop Client  1. Copy the login link, or link on the link on your desktop  2. Open Linkus Desktop Client (Download)). Click "Login via Link".  3. Paste the link and click "Login".  Linkus will detect the link and get the login information.
  9. Do you have a detailed documentation on Stripe? How does it work? I think it would be better if there is a front-end interface. Currently you have to collect the credit card number, expiration date, card 3 or 4 digit code from the customer and enter into the pbx, or you give the customer login credentials to the pbx domain admin and they can enter the info themselves ISSUES 1) most people don't want to give out their CC info 2) When you give domain admin login credentials to customers, they create more issues because 90% of them click on other things and messup settings It would be nice to add one of the following 1) Front-end that does not require clients to login to the pbx to capture CC info 2) Button / option on the pbx to click to send billing email to the customer, and it takes them to the front-end where they can enter the required information (CC, click to add auto recharge etc) Please checkout this demo http://www.voipswitchdemo.com/#/ They have a complete front-end solution. When you login you can see that the client / customer can add their payment info by themselves, they can setup the pbx / make changes without logging into the back end / pbx
  10. Please can you send detailed information on how to setup fax to email? I don't see any detailed information on how to do this
  11. Few issues with the app. 1) Currently the app does not read the phones contacts. 2) User cannot input + on the keypad, when you hold it down it keeps typing 0 3) No conference call option 4) No video calls
  12. When you scan the code, it keeps showing "registering" , i have to manually enter the "password" before it change to "registered"
  13. We also use Yeastar. The Yeastar pbx sends out the welcome email with the QR code. The QR code is valid in 24 hours and can only be used once. Is it possible to have something similar?
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