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  1. Currently we are running Version: 65.0.7 and have run into an odd issue. When we put a cell phone number in the cell phone field on extension 1 everything works great until extension 2 hot desks into the physical desk phone that is registered to extension 1. When the person calls into the system it shows up as a call from the extension 2, if we remove the cell phone number from the cell phone field for the extension 1 the inbound caller id shows the cell phone number instead of the hot desked extension 2 info. With all the changes going on we are going to be hot desking users in the office a lot more. Any suggestions on what could be done to correct this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Why was this removed from the platform when previous versions had the ability to do this?
  3. On Version: 64.0.4 is there a way to export the details on a conference call that was just setup? In previous versions the creator of the conference call was able to reopen the conference call settings and see the Participant access code which was randomly generated and export the information to an outlook meeting file when the mode was set to scheduled conference. Thanks for any information.
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