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  1. Thank you, I am running (Win32)- Windows Thank you again for you help.
  2. My new SMTP server service requires me to verify the domain by placing a file in the root directory. I am unable to find the PBX's root directory. Anyone know where this folder is? Thank you.
  3. Interesting I spoke with Michael D. From Snom November of last year and he explained that i would need to stay on PBXNSIP Build. Anyways who do I contact to upgrade? I am running Thank you
  4. Any chance PBXNSIP will be updated?
  5. Hello all, I searched the Wiki the Forum and the internet, and cant seam to find a meaning behind this error: DNS: Cannot resolve empty DNS address - your help is appreciated.
  6. Got it, its working now. I guess it should really be called "header Link" . Thanks for the help.
  7. I think I found that it has to do with "Logo Link:" under appearance I am not sure what its looking for.
  8. Hello all, I keep seeing in my logs the following: [3] 2011/11/16 17:08:05: Could not read file http:\\pbx.myserver.com (error code 123) [6] 2011/11/16 17:08:05: Webserver: Could not read file http://pbx.myserver.com Maybe someone can be so kind to tell me, Is it something to be concerned about? And what need to be corrected not to have this error? Thanks!!!
  9. Thank you, I understand that. I just assumed that a registered trunk would be an entity of its own and only "registered traffic" would pass through.... Well you learn something new every day. Thanks!!
  10. I added the call routing in multiple trunks and all seems to work. I guess the question still remains why a registered trunk will allow not registered traffic from the same IP as the registration server.
  11. Thank you for the response, I was hoping the answer was YES ;-) The issue I am having is that I have a trunk that is registered and all the DID's on that registered account are going to extension 800 - via send call to extension. The issue is I have a SIP gateway setup for the same IP as that Registered trunk to except not registered traffic and have set to go to a different extension (850). The issue seems to be that the registered extension is "excepting" the traffic and therefor the calls are going to the wrong extension (800 and not 850). I tried alias and it did not work. I assume if I program the info on the wrong trunk it will work BUT that is for sure not the correct way to do it. And I would have to use some sort of expression of all calls go to 800 except this DID go to 850. A global DID directory would solve this issue But I guess its a bug for a registered extension to except other traffic. Any insight?
  12. My question is inbound handling: From what I understand there are two ways to route an inbound call. One is via an Alias on the extension matching the DID that is being called. The second way is in the trunk setup, setup "Send call to extension:" either putting an extension in there or by using Regular Expressions for a simple example !(8005551212)!800 !(2121234567)!800 I am having some issues that would take a very long time to explain (calls going to the wrong extension..) A solution for me would be to be able to create a document for example DID.xml and in the document list 100 DID in this format: !(8005551212)!800 !(2121234567)!800 etc......... and some how program on all my trunks by Send call to extension: DID.xml . In short have one global list that no matter what trunk this DID hits the system via it will use the global mapping to go to the correct extension. Alias's would probably work but it gets way to messy when you are dealing with lots of DID's. Any help would be greatly appreciated. While I am posting a side question is there a way for the PBX to dip into CNAME? or in order to have CNAME your provider needs to send the DID with the CNAME.
  13. samfiller


    Randoff, I was forwarding a complete extension- First I created a trunk for outbound as a SIP Gateway. for Domain: and proxy Address: I put the second half of the uri (ip or domain) then set up a dial plan to use that trunk for pattern and replacement I put * then I went to the extension on the redirection page by forward all calls I put sip:xxxxxxxxxx@ip.address.com:5080 (they only except traffic on 5080 but you can leave that off if their excepting on 5060). Sorry was in a rush if you need I can try to clarify it a little later.
  14. samfiller


    Thank you again, On doing a search of the word Makecall I pulled up 6 finds. All 6 finds mentioned the word Makecall none actually were on the subject of implantation of Makecall. As to the wiki page you linked to,I dont see Documentation on implementation merely a list of available or will be available features.
  15. samfiller


    Any help anyone can provide on the Makecall CSTA. Thank you,
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