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  1. But if if I create a new dial plan, how can it be assigned as new default to new extensions? New extensions seem to always get the (inexistent) 'Domain Default' dial plan assigned which has to be manually changed.
  2. By mistake, the 'Domain Default' dial plan was deleted. It remains however referenced to e.g. when creating a new extension. Creating a new dial plan bearing this same name does not resolve the issue as when creating a new extension, the (deleted/inexistent) 'Domain Default' remains the one assigned by default and the newly created one w/ identical name is listed as another selectable option ! Deleting the telephony domain and recreating a new one does not correct the situation: no 'Domain Default' dial plan, but it still remains referenced when creating an extension. Is there any way to restore this 'Domain Default' ? It would even be better if an option existed to change/set any existing dial plan to assign by default to future new extensions.
  3. Why wouldn't you integrate full Let's Encrypt certificate support into a future release (post v65), i.e. including automatic renewal? That would be a very appreciated feature for all Vodia administrators
  4. Do you still need some Fritzbox screenshots ? If so, let us know
  5. We solved the registration problem: the template leaves the account name empty: edit the trunk-definition and copy the username into the account name and that's it !!
  6. We used the trunk template "others" as the one provided for the Fritzbox (in v65) apparently doesn't work (see description in the pdf attached). There must be some parameters missing in that template. By the way, regarding the missing Fritzbox screenshots, we can provide them to you if you specify which ones you'ld like. (We know the Fritzbox config is ok as it works with another 3cx lab-system ) FritzboxTrunkProblemV1.pdf
  7. The setup is the following: - Fritzbox 7490 as Internet router on, sip port 5060 - Vodia installed on RPi on the internal LAN on, sip port 5065 - Need to connect Vodia to Fritzbox via SIP-trunk Defined an account/pwd on the Fritzbox for the Vodia, but registration fails w/ error 408 (no response). Pretty sure that the default SIP parameters are incorrect, as we had the same problem with the 3cx-product. Two SIP parameters (‘To : User Part’ and ‘From : User Part’) had to be changed form original caller-id to "AuthID". The log extract below confirms a proble w/ the From- and To-fields. Does anybody know where and how to edit these parameters in the SIP trunk configuration ? The log shows: SIP/2.0 400 Illegal request uri Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK-69a8e8c39e0e9ea31d63fc58ad424e08;rport From: <sip:missing> To: <sip:missing>;tag=badrequest Call-ID: cp4tx61h@pbx CSeq: 2572 REGISTER User-Agent: FRITZ!OS Content-Length: 0
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