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  1. Hello, I'm trying to use the google speech to text integration in language Italian but as soon it seems that the pbx send the "language=XX-xx" based on the web portal language and that's no available in Italian (how is possible? Can I offer my self for the translation?) De facto I can't use the service in italian and (google text to speech support italian language 100%). Is there some workaround? Thanks, Alessandro Marzini
  2. Hello, I've a customer with a DID trunk +390586123xxx where xxx is the range of numbers we can receive calls on. Every number is a partner number. The customer would like to see on the snom display (snom 710) not just the callerid of the number calling but also on what DID +390586xxx is calling, or better, he would show the partner name (he should add the address book something like +390586123001 -> Google, +390586123002 -> Apple, etc). So if someone with number +1323123456 call on +390586123001, the customer see on the snom phone "Google (+1323123456)". Is that possible? Thank you.
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