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  1. I was having a further search and found this https://doc.vodia.com/onewayaudio which lists a one way audio problem fix for Yealink. I checked my Vodia server and have 49152-64512 in the TCP & UDP port ranges in Vodia. On the Yealink T58's the range for the "Reserve Port scope" is 50000-50249, there is no RTP port listed in the Yealink, but I suspect it is the "Reserve Port" Could this possibly be an issue, as the server is outside the range of the handsets ? I also found the IP Binding under the RTP section, to bind to the specific IP
  2. Thanks for the assistance. The paging groups all have * for the Source, I can hear the default paging tone when I dial, so I do not think permissions is the issue. The server has 5 NIC's with only 1 dedicated for Voice. I can see that under the System Status overview, they are all bound to the Vodia IPv4 address. How can I have it only bound to the single IP ? It is possible that Multicast is on a different interface, but I cannot find where to bind Vodia to only one NIC. The network has 3 separate VLANs (Data, CCTV and Voice), each bound to a different NIC, with one spare
  3. Sorry for the delay in replying to this thread, but I am still having issues. I managed to get to their site on Friday to do some testing. I have still been trying to setup a "Paging ALL" group with 16 handsets, and also 3 individual paging groups of about 6 extensions in each group as 3 separate "floor paging" groups Ideally I would like to only use Unicast paging, as Vodia is running on a powerful server in a house, so load is not an issue. Is there a software limitation for Unicast in Vodia ? When I setup each paging level group, it will fail with "not available" on the scr
  4. Hi Thanks for the reply. The PBX address is our FQDN for our Vodia server. I will change it to the IP and see how it goes.
  5. Hi, I am trying to setup our Vodia 65.0.8 (CentOS64) to connect to the Yealink RPS I have setup an account with Yealink and have the server details In Vodia, I have put in the following details: The username and password I used was under the API AccessKey ID and AccessKey Secret in , however it does not seem to connect to the Yealink RPS. I have searched the forums for details, but can only find SNOM details. Can you please help ?
  6. Appreciate the assistance, I have multicast on, but I think the Reprovision is needed, not a resync, which I have been doing
  7. II have a home install of Vodia 65.0 Win2019 Server. There are 16 phone handsets on the network. I want to be able to page all handsets for any of the handsets. I thought this would be easy, but it appears I have missed something. all extension permissions are the same This is what I see when I test the call. It appears it is not hanging up the call after the page as well. When you dial 800# you hear the paging tone, but there is no audio, then the exist tone when you hang up. I have tried multi and unioast and both play the pagi
  8. Hi, I did not try the *68, but I did manage to block the number. I just selected all the extensions and changed the Settings to block_cid was one of the options. Tested and working fine. Appreciate the help
  9. Hi, The changes made no difference. I did restart the Vodia PBX service after the changes
  10. I would setup the Door Phone under the Features, Door Phone as a CyberData then. Each of the Yealinks need to have the "Door Phone" setup for it to get Video.
  11. I would like to be able to block the outbound number from being displayed from all calls. I have looked at how best to do this, but cannot find where to enable this feature. I expect it is in the SIP Trunk. I removed the ANI, but this did not make any difference. Running 65.0 (Win64) Pro 4 with a single SIP Trunk and 16 extensions
  12. I have just been through this with with a 2N door phone , T58a's and Vodia. On the yealinks, setup the Door Phone under Features Choose the Baudisch as the type and put in the URL for the camera feed.
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