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  1. We currently use Bria and once you're in a call it comes up with the option to 'merge call'. Is this function available within the Vodia Windows app? I know it is easy to do when using a Yealink handset but looking for the solution when using the Vodia App. Thanks
  2. I am trying to setup SIP Option Ping on our PRTG Monitoring server using an extension that we have setup just for this purpose. We are constantly receiving a timeout request even though the corrent SIP credentials have been supplied. After Googling the issue I managed to identify an article which states "prtg should probably make it obvious to the user that the sensor doesn't support pjsip. observations: credentials are a sip extension and secret (not a root account on the pbx) the extension used to configure the sensor must be set to CHAN_SIP (not CHAN_PJSIP, which is the default on
  3. This is something that I had also requested in a different thread. All the recent updates to the app have been great so thank you for those as they have have addressed most of our concerns around the app. We are just concerned about now deploying this to our customers and they close the app without realising it and as a result missing incoming calls which could result in loss of revenue.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion, however I am currently running that version. The issue appeared after upgrading to the current versions as well.
  5. Since updating to the latest version of the Windows App(3.5.1) I am now required to enter my Username & Password everyday as it no longer remembers the password even though the option is ticked. Is this an issue and is there a resolution? note: this has also happened to my colleague after his app was updated as well
  6. Thanks for the feedback, any idea when the WIndows app could be modified to show the company name field?
  7. Hi All, I have having issue in getting Bria5 to be able to access the address book on the Vodia PBX. Any and all help/advise would be appreciated
  8. We have just stood up our own hosted Vodia PBX and are looking at Using the Vodia App for our own operations as well as offering it to our customers. We have been using Bria5 and Plantronics C750 headsets(as well as some Bluetooth headsets) with answer/mute controls. Since switching over to using the Vodia App we can no longer answer or mute calls with the headset controls. Is this something that is/will be supported within the software? Can you also please provide a list of supported softphones other than the Vodia app?
  9. The auto startup was to drag the icon to the Win10 desktop then start>run shell:startup and then drag the icon from the desktop into the startup group. I am still after a solution for the end user clicking the X and not closing the application.
  10. Can the company name be viewed from the domain address book along with the individual's name? At this point in time you can only view the person's name and not which company they are from? Thanks
  11. Sorry, but I do not agree with the above 2 replies around the behavior when clicking the X in the top right hand corner of the app to minimise to the system tray rather than closing the app. This is an in app behavior setting and not Windows. We currently use Bria and when the X is clicked by the User it minimises to the system tray, if this was not the behaviour then the User would actually close the app and not receive any incoming calls and not be aware of it. Thank you for the replies around the auto startup and I have worked out this issue.
  12. Is there any plan to have the app minimised to the taskbar when a user presses the X to close the app? The current behaviour actually closes the app rather than minimising to the taskbar resulting in missing incoming calls. Additionally a feature within the app to enable auto start up with Windows would also be appreciated. Is this also a possibility for the next release?
  13. I am also interested to see the response to this question as I am also experiencing exactly the same results.
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