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  1. I tried this as it's an good feature. but cannot get it to work. I cannot find the Sync button in the app and not in the web interface.
  2. I updated my version from 66.0.6 to 66.0.7 latest version, and now google voicemail translation does not work. It gives a 500 error. Restoring the backup of my old version works.
  3. We trying a site with 30 extensions. All are programmed with Yealink phones. All phones are provisioned. The Vodia system (66.0.6) is in our data center, and the phones are remote at one facility. Just today, all the phones went offline. I traced it down that the IP was blacklisted automatically in the Access. I am certain that we did not go over the threshold. This is the second time this happens after the IP changed. Number of tolerated attempts: 10 Time for counting attempts: 1s Blacklist Duration: 1h Connection per address without authentication: 10 We cannot whitelist the
  4. Is there a way to transfer from the Vodia app or the Vodia Desktop App to a deskphone without using a park orbit? If I pickup the call on the Vodia mobile app, can I transfer the call to my Grandstream physical phone? I see a cell phone star code, but it doesn't seem to work.
  5. What are the top two options mean? They don't have a description. Also, when I select the "Can see calls of the domain" to NO. In the Vodia app, it still shows the live calls. Is this not the option to disable the calls from being watched by everyone?
  6. Thank you for the reply. They would like to receive an email with the contents of the text message. What is happening, they are not always on the app, but they receive a lot of texts. They would like to be able to know when someone texted them and those contents. It would be lovely if they could reply directly to the email, but I'm not sure how hard that is to make. Like, if someone send a message from a number, you receive an email Subject: New SMS Message from 32 00 000 00 00 Content: Hi, this is very nice feature.
  7. We are looking at doing an installation, but one of the requirements is that the SMS get forwarded to the user's email address. Is this possible now? The document doesn't say anything about it. TYIA
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