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  1. A simple 1:1 video will make the difference
  2. Hello , I like to ask if there is any roadmap for developing video conferencing into the PBX like 3CX. We have a prospect asking the question. Is 1-to-1 Video conference also supported on the Mobile Apps Sipphone?
  3. Hello, we have created a support ticket along with the PBX credentials requested to help review. Re: PHP Code Integrations into our CRM Posted in the Forum Ticket# 486142 - created just now
  4. Now WebRTC Click to Call API is running but call is not showing on the receiving end. `<div style="cursor:pointer;" onclick="window.open('http://PBX_IP_OR_DOMAIN/makecall.htm?destnumber=1234567890&user=YOURUSERNAME@DOMAIN.COM&pass=MD5HASH&time=current_time&duration=3600', '', 'width=230, height=300, left=200, location=0');">John Smith</div><div style="cursor:pointer;" onclick="window.open('http://PBX_IP_OR_DOMAIN/makecall.htm?destnumber=1234567890&user=YOURUSERNAME@DOMAIN.COM&pass=MD5HASH&time=current_time&duration=3600&lang=en', '', 'width=230, height=300, left=200, location=0');">John Smith</div>` I have used the above code.
  5. sir i was trying to run WebRTC Click to Call API .but it is constantly asking for login credentials.when add it is redirecting to same page again n again.kindly help.
  6. Hello, we are in the process of doing custom development into our own CRM , our CRM is developed using PHP. Our developers have studied the online guides but having issues to understand the code. My Lead developer has sent me this email to find-out as follows: Sir, I have gone through every document link that you have provided me. and I have realized the curl document has not defined the prerequisite things. Can you directly ask the support team for a PHP code to add an extension for users? with one code I will be able to understand the rest of things. We simply need a single line of code in PHP to add an extension successfully in Vodia and with that they can understand the syntax.
  7. I am using Android Version 10 running on Samsung galaxy A70. I installed from Google Play store
  8. Thanks for your update. Let's work on improving autto start in Android App.
  9. No. The App is not auto starting on Android except you touch the App and interact. we are running the latest PBX 6.7 firmware and Vodia Android App 3.7. Even most ratings and comments on the Android App suggests this still needs a lot of improvements. The iOS App appears to be more reliable but lack features equivalent on the Android App. So there's no consistency in both iOS and Android.
  10. I am using iOS 14 OS on the phone, we can't set up any extension using the QR code and no option to configure the settings manually like Android App.
  11. We have issues with the Apps, the apps is not auto starting except you go to the App and enable this. Which means we are missing calls from staff extensions. The App should simply work like any other call enable app like WhatsApp or 3CX app that I don't need to daily touch the app for the status to be green and enable. This is very frustrating for the users.
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