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  1. Hey there, thanks for your reply. We put it out to our customers, and it now seems that the features people want are lot available in vTiger, so the response was to see if we can integrate with espocrm.com Developer Documentation - EspoCRM Documentation I have tried using Vodia's Action URL, but I am really hopeless with this sort of stuff
  2. Thanks for your response. No the receiver does not see the phone number of the sender. Alpha-numeric sender IDs are quite common in most countries What is an Alphanumeric Sender ID? - Twilio Due to note being able to provide any accounting to the number of SMS's sent through Vodia, if a customer of ours wants two-way SMS, then they pay us for a dedicated Twilio SMS DID, that's how we know the billing for IN/OUT SMS's, by using their unique number. If they don't want two-way and OUT only, then we want to use Alpha-numeric, so the receiver can't respond to the message, and we can
  3. Now that the CE version of Sugar has gone it looks like vTiger is now the go to for Open Source CRM. Anyone have any success in this integration, or is it something that can be considered?
  4. The Twilio API accepts whatever Vodia is sending in the From part of the message: ["from" => "noreply", "body" => "And again"] However, when I am saving the SMS ANI, I am entering it as NoReply not noreply - so Vodia is either saving it in the database as all lowercase, or it is being converted to lowercase in the Vodia platform somewhere as Twilio is receiving it in lowercase. Is it possible for me to have a look at the code on the PBX for the SMS functionality and see if I can debug it myself? I had a look at the file structure but couldn't find where the Twilio integration
  5. That's great, thanks! Also, I have tested alpha-numeric SMS ANI's which works great, except for the fact that the sender-id is being received by Twilio in all lower case, for example I have the SMS ANI of 'MyAccount' however Twilio is receiving it from Vodia as 'myaccount' - with no capitals. Any where I can change this quickly locally - it is supported by Twilio as I tried it using a generic API Thanks.
  6. Hey there, Is it possible to get the contact sync that has been created available for use with Office 365 / Exchange Online? We have to use multi-factor authentication to login to Office 365 to access emails etc, and it doesn't look like the apps allow for that at the moment. That is, unless I haven't done something correctly, like create an app password - which I will go try now. So, I guess my quick question, does anyone have contact sync and conference syncing working with Office (Microsoft) 365 / Exchange Online services Ta.
  7. I have just had a look through the Twilio SMS API and it doesn't look like you can I notice on the Domain DID screen there is a 'SMS DID' in Vodia, is it possible to use that? For example, we could register a separate mobile DID in Twilio for each domain, then when the message is sent, are you able to change the API so it sends the SMS API in the 'from' field of the Twilio API? Then, in Twilio, I would be able to see SMS's, and filter by the from number. If this can't be done, what is the 'SMS DID' in domain settings used for? Message Resource Reference for the Twilio Messagi
  8. If a customer sent an SMS to our Vodia sms number and no Vodia extension had sent them a message in the past, where does the message go? I can see that if I send an SMS to somebody from Vodia, and they reply, the reply comes to me, but what if I didn't send them a message in the first place.
  9. Excellent response! Thank you. We have decided that we are going to to give the Grandstream GRP range a go. We like GS, so don't feel a real need to change brands, just update to a more modern range
  10. Nevermind, brain lapse here! Completely forgot about the 'Mailbox Only' extension. All good.
  11. Hey there, We have an auto attendant configured with business hours and after hours service flags. What is the best way to redirect night service callers to voicemail? Do we need to setup an extension with forward all to voicemail? Or is there a way that we can add a mailbox to the auto-attendant? Thoughts on how best to achieve this would be wonderful! At the moment, our only thought is to create a new extension with a forward all to mailbox - but we don't want to be paying for a full extension just for voice mail. Thanks.
  12. Traditionally we have been Grandstream resellers (for 3CX), but we are about to move to Vodia MT. What handsets have been tried and tested by the community, and which do you recommend. I think I saw Yealink being recommended somewhere, but now I can't find the page. In terms of functionality, we are really looking at three types of handset for our offering (I have linked what we would generally use from GS): Very basic, single line, not fancy (for unattended, and just general use) eg: GXP1610, GXP1615 Basic IP Phones- Grandstream Network Mid-range phone, for everyday use
  13. I am using Twilio for SMS, would it be possible to add some sort of a tag to the message API that could be shown in the Twilio dashboard to identify which account/domain sent the SMS? We are going to have to turn off the SMS feature until we have some way of identifying the sender (in Multi Tenant) so that we can bill the customer correctly. Cheers.
  14. Also, the ACD tab only shows when you are actually logged in to a group. If my extension is not in the 'Primary Agents' field, but is in the Extensions that can add themselves, then the ACD button doesn't appear, so a quick way to join the group would be nice
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