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  1. Excellent, uninstalled and reinstalled and back to normal now. Thanks.
  2. Hi there, My Microsoft Store updated my Vodia app to version 3.6.0 and now it is having some issues. Here is a list of things that I have noticed: Profile button doesn't show information, avatar etc None of the buttons under the profile drop down work ACD only shows a single group I am sure there are more issues, but that's all I have found at the moment. Two screenshots - one showing the app, other showing the web interface Anyone else having these issues?
  3. Just want to point out that I don't specifically think this was now an issue with upgrading - I think Twilio may have changed their API.
  4. It appears that Twilio now requires me to have a 'Message Service' in programmable messaging to send. The Twilio API service now has 'messagingServiceSid' tag that seems to be required (which you get by creating a 'Messaging Service' under programmable messaging - here is the code from Twilio which I have tested and it works: // Update the path below to your autoload.php, // see https://getcomposer.org/doc/01-basic-usage.md require_once '/path/to/vendor/autoload.php'; use Twilio\Rest\Client; $sid = "TWILIO ACCOUNT API KEY HERE"; $token = "[AuthToken]"; $twilio = new Client($sid, $token); $message = $twilio->messages ->create("+PHONE_NUMBER_HERE", // to array( "messagingServiceSid" => "MESSAGING_SERVICE_SID_HERE", "body" => "This is a test" ) ); print($message->sid); What would be AMAZING would be if Vodia was updated to allow a seperate MessagingServiceID per domain! I have been able to test this using my own PHP code, and it would be a very simple way for Twilio users to be able to separate out their services for reporting. From what I can see (and I may be wrong): PBX Settings need: Twilio API Key and Twilio API Secret Domain Settings need: Twilio Messaging Service ID When sending the SMS request to Twilio, Vodia pulls the API information from the PBX, and the service id from the domain - in Twilio, all the SMS's sent are seperated into their service IDs, allowing for me to charge for them accordingly.
  5. Hi all, Is anyone else having issues with Twilio SMS after upgrading to 67.0.2? We could all use it fine prior to the upgrade, but now nothing is being sent, and there is nothing hitting the Twilio API. Is there somewhere I can debug this in logs or something in Vodia? Thanks.
  6. Hey Anton, Yep same issue when incognito
  7. Thanks! One main problem is that it is too easy to close the Vodia app on windows.
  8. Thanks for the response, So would I be better creating a generic logo for the PBX, rather than using our companies logo?
  9. Anyone able to look at CRM integration with EspoCRM? https://docs.espocrm.com/development/ I am happy to host a dev environment of EspoCRM if it means that we can look at it
  10. I am creating a new topic for EspoCRM.
  11. Is it possible to have the application set at install to run as a service or something similar? A lot of my conversions from 3CX are rightfully saying that was a descent feature, that they install the app and it auto runs, and it is pretty much always logged in unless they tell it to logout. With a PBX, you want this sort of functionality with your softphone.
  12. I am using 3.5.5 and can confirm that it is NOT fixed.
  13. All I need to do is hide system extensions (Fax, mailbox only) from the app views. I don't want users to see the Fax extension for example in their extensions list.
  14. Do you have a timeline for this?
  15. Also, just for clarity, when we are on the login screen to the Windows app, it shows the correct logo. It's once we login to the app it shows the PBX logo. The WebApp also shows the PBX logo, not the domain logo.
  16. Hey team, We are using the Multitenant version of PBX. One of our selling points using Vodia over 3CX was that our customers can have their own branding and not 3CX all over the place. This generally works well, except in the apps. On the Android app and Windows app, our customers domains are picking up our company logo (the PBX logo) as opposed to their domain SVG files. Is this something that can be fixed at our end, or is this how the system works?
  17. Do we have a timeline for this?
  18. Hi team, did we have any luck with Microsoft 365 (Exchange Online)?
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