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  1. How can this be improved/resolved? Quite a lot of calls are disconnected when on hold, got one notification saying timeout was after 8 seconds which is ridiculous, and another one that said 120 seconds - neither of which are long enough when on hold or on mute. Running Version 67.0.5 Thanks.
  2. I have a new pbx running 67.0.1, but still had to change yealink_common.txt - where do I find the 'Yealink general parameter' you mentioned above coming in v67.0?
  3. Excellent, or so I thought... I have HTTP set to 80, HTTPS set to 443 Redirect to HTTPS was set to 'Automatic' - so would assume that means enabled, opposed to disabled. Changed to 'On' so there is no guessing, saved settings. Browsed to http:// and don't get redirected? Does this change require a server restart and what does 'Automatic' mean in this sense?
  4. Using a generic SMTP server, not Gmail or 365. One provided by a hosting company using cpanel...?
  5. I think that maybe it. If I display for QR code via http:// it doesn't work. If I display QR code via https:// it works. For overall security, wouldn't it be a good idea to redirect all http to https, or at least have a setting that does this that you can either enable or disable?
  6. Just tested and you're right. Log in as Admin, open an extension then click "Click here to switch into user-mode", then click buttons from the drop down user menu, and a screen similar to the one above appears, however login as the user and the button option doesn't work. It only seems to allow you to select a button template though, rather than allow the users to set buttons individually/independantly - is that by design?
  7. I let some time pass then tried to scan a QR code from a different PBX and extension which worked. I then logged out and scanned the QR code for the original extension I was trying to scan earlier and it worked....?
  8. Tried to scan a QR code but it doesn't work. I'm just taken back to the previous screen that displays the URL field, "Connect" and "Scan QR" buttons. It used to work...? Tried closing and re-opening the app, no difference. Tried clearing app data, no difference. Tried restarting the mobile, no difference. Tried QR code in user portal and admin console, no difference. Scanned the QR code with lens which displays URL, user and pass parameters - all seem correct, obviously can't confirm the password as it's hashed.
  9. I select 'Buttons' from the menu and litterally nothing happens, the screen does not change - it's as though I'm not clicking the button.
  10. I've logged into the user portal, clicked the users extension menu and select 'Buttons' but nothing happens? Tested on 66.0.6 and a pages loads where you can choose what buttons you want. Is v77.0.1 a beta version?
  11. I've provisioned two yealink handset's on Vodia v67.0.1, the handsets pull their general config but don't apply the web password set under Settings > General > Provisioning Parameters - the Yealinks are keeping their default admin/admin credentials. If I provision one of the same two handsets to another PBX running v66.0.6, the password set under Settings > General > Provisioning Parameters - is applied. Have I misconfigured or configured something differently between the two systems (although I can't see what as if I'm entering a password, that's what should get applied?) or has a bug been introduced into v67.0.1?
  12. Good catch, I hadn't thought about personal numbers. I've DMed you re your default dial plan, thanks! I did try 07* originally, but when I did that, keeping the replace field blank, 07299999999 was being sent as 99999999? Is that because of "rest of world" you mentioned?
  13. Disabling cert checking didn't fix it so TLS remains disabled at present. I didn't notice TLS had its own logging level - will try that out. There's currently only one domain on the system, but I tried different email settings and servers, I cleared out the /emails directory (or the .XML files at least), and renamed index/0.bin to o.bin.bak if I recall correctly to clear things out. I'm impatient you see, and there weren't any options in the webUI to flush the queue, hence my original question. Might be good to add a force retry too?
  14. I think the problem was possibly due to entering the MAC address on an extension, but then pressing 'Save', instead of clicking the plus (+) button, which then asks you for the make and model? I haven't tested this to confirm, but following a conversation with a colleague am wondering if that's what might of happened and why the handsets weren't provisioned correctly until I'd assigned them in LAN devices. If so, I think some error handling could be built in to prevent 'Save' from being pressed if a MAC address is entered without clicking the + button?
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