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  1. Ya I ended up reaching out to Support at Yealink and apparently my account was set up wrong and the RPS section wasn't enabled. I was getting the API key from the YCMS section not RPS. Once I got that sorted out it worked right away.
  2. I'm not 100% sure the ATAs are supported with GAPS but you can do it manually. I just do it manually and it works all the time for me. SIP Server: yourip Auth ID: extnumber User: extnumber Password: That should be pretty much it.
  3. I got a bit further in this. I did get the phone working with the provisioning url http://website.com/prov But I'm still having an issue with getting the zero touch provisioning through the RPS. On Yealink site. I copy/pasted the acesskey id and secret. Is there anything else I need to do?
  4. I got my Yealink account so that I can set up RPS on my Vodia Server but I can't find any documentation on how to get it setup. Based on the the server just input the api username/password and that would be it but it doesn't seem to be that easy. I've tried doing manual provisioning via website.com/prov on the phone and still can't get it to register. And the log file just says RPS failed. No other details. Is there information that can be supplied for both the vodia side of changes and what has to be done on the Yealink RPS side?
  5. I went to customize and loaded this config grandstream-gxp21xx.xml Close to the bottom I added the following. <P2918>1</P2918> <P6759>0</P6759> <P8441>1</P8441> <P2919>10</P2919> It's for the screensaver. It's defaulted to 3mins but I want it set to 10mins. But not matter what I do I can't get it to change. When I login to the phone it will still be at 3mins. If I do button changes it will reboot. When I do a change in the xml file and resync it will reboot the phone but the values won't update. Phone is at GXP2170. Any ideas?
  6. I can login to the usr portal with a login. Everything works fine aside from the button menu. I click on the ext in the top right, menu drops down then if I click on button nothing happens. If I login under the admin account and click on usr_portal under the ext it works fine. I ran developer tools and I noticed this 403 error. Is there something I'm missing that will allow users to edit the buttons on their phone?
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