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  1. But I'm on a pbx portal through Chrome?
  2. I've just tried that eg importing from line 10 onwards - and it only imports 5 records yet again. I have 200+ to import so really don't want to have to import just 5 at a time, particularly as the 200 may change every few weeks!
  3. Where do I find that on the web version?
  4. I log into Vodia in English and it continues in English and then suddenly changes to German? Why? I can only get back to English by logging out and then logging in again. Very annoying. How do I stop it changing to German?
  5. I have a cvs file and when I import it only 5 of the 200 addresses show in preview and if I press import only those 5 come in. How do I import all 200?
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