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  1. Originally the plan is blank, so i choose 'None' as you suggested and it works. Thanks for the help.
  2. Here is the billing parameters for your references.
  3. Yes it is a local call. This is not billing issue, i haven't set up any billing yet. I just want to know what is the meaning of this error" No rate found for destination sip: 0122104528@a1.invite.my, user=phone on trunk INVITE"
  4. Yes ,but what i meant here is i did not setup any billing for this domain .So i am sure it is not related.
  5. Hi Vodia, I have a problem where every outbound call i made will end as soon as i try to make a call from vodia extension . Log file shows error of " No rate found for destination sip: 0122104528@a1.invite.my, user=phone on trunk INVITE" where 0122104528 is my mobile phone number and INVITE is the SIP Trunk i used. I am suspecting billing rate since the rate term is used in this error but there is no billing set up for this domain.The error seems like it says that SIP Trunk im using got a problem so I try to use different trunk but the logfile still shows the same error.Both trunks used is working like normal before. Is there any settings i missed? Attached herewith the logfile, SIP trunk list and Dial Plan i used. Kindly assist. Thanks
  6. Hi Vodia team, I have a problem whenever I make a call to SIP Trunk number from a cellphone (incoming call to Vodia PBX extension), there is no sign at all that shows the call is connected or not from caller side. But I did received the calls on my vodia extension and when I picked up the call,I cannot hear audio from caller side and it will be one sided recording only which is from Vodia side.All outgoing calls can be made on this trunk and both sides got audio.I have set the direction of incoming calls on SIP Trunk as send all calls to specific account which is to Agent Group. The PBX is connected to wireless router (mobile broadband) using WiFI adapter and has been assigned to use static IP. All ports required for Vodia PBX has been set as port forward on the wireless router and all ports has been set as allowed on inbound rule at Firewall . I am suspecting the IP router list is the main issue as i am not able to save it when applying the format as whereby is the gateway IP is the static IP for wireless router (Vodia PBX IP) is the public ipv4 for wireless router(request time out when ping) Current IP Routing list is saved as Note:IP Address of the internet router is listed as Here is the PCAP trace when i made the incoming calls. https://www.dropbox.com/s/j13r2pqfxyehbdr/0830-0001.pcap?dl=0 Kindly assist.TQ
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