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  1. We are already on 68.0.1 and still not able to select ringtone for windows app and user portal
  2. On V68 and experiencing the same issue. Any other way to change windows App Ringtone?
  3. This is now solved. I simply did a restart of the PBX.
  4. Since upgrading to V68, the pbx has stopped sending email notifications through we maintained same SMTP settings. All mails showing pending. We have also try to use the new setting of 'send emails through cloud server' with no success. Going through the logfile i can notice 'dns failures'. Anyone else experiencing this or am i missing something?
  5. Getting this error when picking a call via windows App. V68 and V3.6
  6. Has this been solved. Is it safe to update to V68 or should we wait?
  7. Gogsm


    Is there release note for Version 68?
  8. Experiencing this from today using version 67.0.5 and windows app V3.6. Though no problem when using chrome browser.
  9. Also experiencing this....very disturbing and annoying. Not sure what the issue is.
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