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  1. Altering the license code Upper/Lower case swapping has no effect. Even though it passes the license check, the same : Version: Zeta Perseids (CentOS64) Created on: Dec 20 2012 12:37:47 License Status: No license License Duration: Permanent messages from log: [0] 20130219012157: Cannot send packet: No license [0] 20130219012212: Writing the license code... [0] 20130219012213: Cannot send packet: No license [0] 20130219012307: Writing the license code... [0] 20130219012334: Cannot send packet: No license continues to come out and the software will not register phones. reverting back to: Version: Epsilon Geminids (CentOS64) Created on: Jun 19 2012 08:24:50 License Status: snom ONE blue License Duration: Permanent It appears that does not like snomONE BLUE customers. How can we get this resolved? Jim
  2. I guess the question/issue about the installation script errors for CentOS got missed.... is there any response from SNOM about this? Jim
  3. The IP Configuration Page's help function incorrectly directs you to http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Email_settings source page: /reg_plug_ip.htm Also the IPv6 link local address points to "/undefined" Jim
  4. FYI, The ordering process for snomONE Free does NOT send an email a listed on the confirmation page. If you miss the activation code, go to the "Your Orders" to get the activation code. Jim
  5. also... the install for NTPD on CentOS is: yum install ntp not yum install ntpd as listed in the script Jim
  6. I received the following error when attempting to install snomONE V5 for Centos 6.3 (x86-64) --2012-11-03 10:23:29-- http://www.snomone.com/downloads/snomONE/centos64/pbxctrl-centos64- Resolving www.snomone.com... Connecting to www.snomone.com||:80... connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 500 Internal Server Error 2012-11-03 10:23:29 ERROR 500: Internal Server Error. mv: cannot stat `pbxctrl-centos64-': No such file or directory It would appear the module to be downloaded is pbxctrl-centos64-5.0.0 not pbxctrl-centos64- as listed in the script Jim
  7. I have to believe this "feature" manifested itself due to the speed of one particular agent. Calls on park are not usually orphaned for more than a few seconds. In this case the Park time exceeded the 1m default, thus rolled back to the agent causing confusion. We increased the Park time to 3m to give this agent time to turn the call over. Jim
  8. Thanks for the reply. After some testing, it is working "as designed". We just have one agent that doesn't respond to Park Orbits in a timely fashion. Since that isn't likely to change, we simply increased the "Park Reminder" time from the default (1min) to 3 min. This is in the Edit Park Orbit page. Thanks! Jim
  9. Calls parked by an agent are returned to that agent's call queue after 60 seconds. This is a behavour change from the prior version of snomONE blue and is unacceptable. What options do we need to modify to keep parked calls on park rather than just returning them to the queue? Jim
  10. Well again after much testing, it appears that the "RCF3325 (P-Asserted Identity)" from the JavaScript dropdown was what NexVortex expected. It was either close to what was passed in rel 4.3. Jim
  11. What was the default value of the JavaScript Select in 4.3? We never had to do anything before going to 4.5. Jim
  12. What was the behavior in release 4.3? The default for the trunk appears to be p-assertive. Jim
  13. After upgrade to Epsilon Geminids (CentOS64), the outbound ANI (Caller ID) is not being passed. Did a new parameter come into effect? The extensions in question all have "Block Outgoing caller-ID" set to NO and all have a valid ANI set. Jim
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