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  1. Not only did I try to reset the phone (maybe 50 times now) but I also tried a different 320 from a different location (different internet connection/router) and the same results. One more thing to mention is that I have clients with older version PbxNsip server and I am able to PNP from this 320 in this location.
  2. I still cant figure this out. PNP still wont work from outside. Can anyone help me.
  3. You couldnt get to it cause I only allow My few IPs on the firewall. I cleared the log and rebooted the phone. Here is the log (log level 5) [1] 30/9/1992 05:15:28: Starting up [1] 24/12/2001 00:00:12: read_old_settings: No /snomconfig/raw_settings found for reading. [5] 24/12/2001 00:00:12: read_xml_settings: found phone-settings XML header [5] 24/12/2001 00:00:12: read_xml_settings: found one byte encoding: 0 [7] 24/12/2001 00:00:12: settings::read_one_setting: codec_tos = '184', set.need_apply: 0, finished: 0, need reboot to apply: 0 [7] 24/12/2001 00:00:12: settings::read_one_setti
  4. No,I did not customize anything on the PBX.
  5. I didnt want 267 to confuse you. 267 was a phone I previously setup on the LAN. That phone Auto-provisioned no problem. This is what I get after the phone reboots: Advanced>Qos/Security HTTP Client User: ;domain= Password: *******
  6. The "generated" folder contains one folder with the DNS name of the PBX and in there there is one folder named "267". Not the 238 I am trying to provision. When does the PBX create these folders? What can I see on the webserver of the phone? When you say firewall, do you mean the firewall that the phone is behind or the firewall that the PBX is behind? The PBX is behind a transparent firewall (No NAT) and has a public IP on one of its NICs (Dual NIC). I even tried plugging it in directly to the router and got the same results. The phone is behind a NAT firewall that allows all traffic bo
  7. I changed the log level to 9, cleared the log and rebooted the phone. Here is the log: Logfile: Clear or Reload the log. [8] 2011/03/31 13:50:25: Received request for file snom320.htm [8] 2011/03/31 13:50:25: PnP file is snom_320.xml [9] 2011/03/31 13:50:25: Trust MAC address is true [8] 2011/03/31 13:50:28: MAC for IP is not in ARP table [9] 2011/03/31 13:50:28: Sending xml config file snom_320.xml [9] 2011/03/31 13:50:28: Remote site closed the connection [8] 2011/03/31 13:50:29: Received request for file snom320-000413249FE4.htm
  8. I tried changing to 238;domain=PBXdomain and still no good. After the phone reboots it resets the setting to ;domain= as if the phone was reset to factory defaults. But under the Advanced>Update Setting URL it kept the setting I put in. In the phone log the only thing I see as error is the following line: on_language_download: Can not upload >/snom/web_lang_BS.xml< from ><. Error >302<! Any other thoughts?
  9. Hi there, I Setup a SnomOne free machine.Version: 2011- (Win32) Trying to get PNP working over the WAN (PBX in one city and Snom phone in another). The Settings I setup are Advanced>QOS/Security HTTP client user= 238@PBXip pass= SIP password Advanced>Update 1=Update Policy= Update Automatically Setting 2=Setting URL= http://PBXip/provisioning/snom320.htm 3=Subscribe Config=off 4=PNP config=off The subscribe config and pnp config I tried both ways. If I setup the Identity 1 parameters on the phone manually, The phone connects to the system and makes calls. Ju
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