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  1. Please see this link: http://vodia.com/documentation/vodia_pbx_rest_api.pdf
  2. anybody: The snom ONE mini retails for $599, i dont know where you got the $849 from. The second thing is that the snomONE mini comes with v4.5 of the snomONE software which is a full featured PBX with 20 seats, so there's no real reason to upgrade unless you are looking for the newer features like Fax2email, ActiveSync and Microsoft Lync Presence which have been added in v5.x of snomONE. If this is the case, you can still upgrade the snomONE mini to v5.x at a 50% discount. Concurrent calls means how many simultaneous calls can be made on the system at any given time. The snomONE Free comes with 2 concurrent calls. If 2 extensions on the snomONE are talking to each other, that counts as 1 call. If 2 extensions are talking to 2 external numbers, that counts as 2 calls.
  3. Kraken

    UC client

    What version of the snomONE are you running?
  4. snom ONE as a Service (hostedi.am) snomONE on cloud is finally here!!! We call it Hosted-I-Am or hostedi.am. Our hostedi.am managed voice services will enable businesses to lower the total cost of ownership of their telephone systems by providing a managed snomONE system along with its complete suite of business features. For businesses with multiple branch offices, hostedi.am will provide a single system that will seamlessly connect all locations without the need for a complex infrastructure. Running your phone system in the cloud will now allow your employees to connect to your phone system from anywhere, anytime! Bring your own trunk (BYOT) We make the service even simpler for you! hostedi.am does not include PSTN termination; giving you the ultimate freedom in selecting the trunk provider of your choice. While this may sound like an extra step, it has significant advantages over traditional cloud based services: Better termination prices. If the SIP trunk comes from the provider of the hosted PBX, it often comes with visible and hidden costs for the termination. Destination-dependent routes. You may have multiple trunks. This means that you can choose also different trunk providers, for example one who gives you service for the USA and another one for India, if you have a lot of calls to India. Independent contracts. If you are not happy with a trunk provider, you are not locked in by the PBX contract. The contract with the SIP provider does not depend on the number of extensions that you have. Public IP. When you use the hostedi.am service, your trunk will use a public IP address. This means that you don't have to deal with NAT and firewall issues like when operating the PBX on a private IP address in your office. Setting up SIP trunks has become easy. Most service providers provide online self-service where you can choose your DID and set up the trunk in minutes. Sign-up Sign-up is really simple. Go to http://www.hostedi.am and sign-in with your snomONE account (if you don't have one yet you can register at no cost). Once you are signed-in follow the steps from the Get Started button. Become a reseller We believe in the cloud and so should you. Our cloud service introduces a new reseller program for our cloud service. This program will enable hostedi.am resellers to earn recurring revenues from us based on referrals. More details available at partner@vodia.com
  5. There's no older version available because the UC is designed for v5.0 only.
  6. Lyle, the UC client is only supported on snomONE v5.0.3 and up. See this thread: http://forum.snomone.com/index.php?/topic/6629-snomone-uc-client-v100132-wont-register-on-snomone-blue-v451-localhost-1921682233/
  7. Kraken

    Version 5

    Lucadef: snomONE pricing was subsidized on purpose when snomONE was part of snom. The idea was to push the phones and throw in the PBX as an incentive. While this model was ok earlier, it does not make sense now that Vodia is independently running the PBX business. Also i disagree with you on the pricing point. Yes there are a lot of other options out there like 3CX, Brekeke etc. but each comes with its own quirks. Not to mention that you will not find such a huge price difference between these products. It really depends on what you are looking for, e.g. 3CX charges for call licenses while snomONE charges for user licenses, but for a certain size of deployment the prices would be round about the same. On the topic of Microsoft Lync, i am not sure you can deploy Lync for $5000. This might be the cost of the server but you are overlooking the client CAL licenses which add up to $100 plus per user.
  8. snomONE UCClient upgrade available. Note: Only compatible with snomONE v5.0.3 or higher. http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Snom_ONE_UCClient
  9. Kraken

    Version 5

    Northern: The point the administrator is trying to make is that while you might have paid for the hardware to run the snomONE, you did not pay for the snomONE Free software. While this arrangement was fine when snomONE was part of snom, this does not make much sense now that snomONE is owned by an independent company. Vodia Networks now owns snomONE, and we are solely focusing on the PBX business. We are encouraging all our existing customers to upgrade to v5.0 as it comes with a lot of improvements and add-ons like Fax-2-email, MS Lync Presence and Attendant Console function. I'm sure you will find the upgrade to be your moneys worth.
  10. It does run on WinXP, Windows 7,8 and Vista provided you have the right .NET libraries installed: Visual C++ 2010 Runtime Libraries (x86) Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (x86 and x64) .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
  11. The latest version of the attendant console is available here: http://www.snomone.com/downloads/UCClient/publish.htm
  12. I think i figured out what the problem is. You need to have the same SIP and Web password on the snom ONE for the UC Client If you have different passwords, it wont work because the UC Client downloads the Contact list using the web password.
  13. Can you check the running processes under Task Manager? If there are multiple instances of the AttendedConsole.exe running, stop all those processes and then relaunch the app.
  14. Can you verify that your UC Client is registered? Do you see a green icon at the bottom left with label "Registered"? The Other Contacts list should be populated with the Accounts configured on your snom ONE. The Frequent Contacts gets populated by adding a Contact from the Other Contacts to the list by right click on a contact and then clicking "Copy to Frequent Contacts". Call History should be populated with your incoming/outgoing calls. The Messages play and delete buttons right now dial into the mailbox. With the newer version of the snom ONE, you will be able to directly listen to the voice message (without dial-in) and also delete it the same way.
  15. Do u actually hear the mailbox when you you press the VM key? Can you paste the SIP log for the MWI NOTIFY? This should be in the SIP log right after you leave a message for the m9 extension.
  16. Can you guys give the latest beta a shot: http://downloads.snom.com/firmware/UCClient/publish.htm
  17. Kraken

    LDAP Adressbuch

    If LDAP is not being done directly on the m9 but instead on the PBX, the snom ONE will have to provide an XML file generated from the LDAP entries to the m9. The format for the XML file is detailed here: http://wiki.snom.com/Snom_m9/Documentation/Online_Manual/Auto_Configuration_and_FW_Update#Address_Book_Provisioning_with_XML This feature should be available on the snom ONE.
  18. Kraken

    Snom m9

    eyeless: Can you check if you have accidently turned on the setting "Identity->Behaviour->Intercom Incoming"? Cuz this setting makes the handset accept all incoming calls automatically. Its meant for announcements.
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