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  1. I am getting regularly reminder mails for updating software maintenance. 

    How can I delete licences? Some clients have closed their business.

    1. Support


      You can directly contact hh@vodia.com and they can cancel the licenses for you.

  2. OK, that explains. I could not understand that from the documentation. Maybe this answer could be added to it? Tnx.
  3. I have a door-phone configured as extension 600 which calls hunt group 500. Hunt group 500 stage 1 calls extension 201 stage 2 calls extensions 201 202 203 204 205 final stage calls extension 201 turn off the cell phone forking is Yes Extension 201 has a cell phone number configured. When calling the extension in a hunt group: Don't call cellphone When someone rings the doorbell extension 201 rings -> is normal behaviour for stage 1 all other extensions rings -> normal behaviour for stage 2 final stage -> extension 201 rings (is OK) but after few seconds also the
  4. Situation: incoming calls go to reception desk, overflow to 3 other employees, after 30s also overflow to 3th employee. When all users are out of office during work-hour, possibility to redirect all incoming calls to mobile from one of the employees. Solution: Defined Agent group (90) Logged in Agents: 201 211 204 206 Agent selection: preference from the agent settings All agents for this ACD: 201 211 204 206 Ring stage: 5s Number of agents added per stage: 1 Caller in queue after hearing ringback for 30s: 203 For all extensions Redirection Cellphone number is filled in. Call cell phone
  5. Very strange. Just been testing here on 5 different systems. This as well Mac systems as PBXes. macOS v10.10, 10.11 & 10.12 all with Safari 10.0.1 (10602. I have the problem with pbx v5.2.6 (macOS), v56.0 (Debian), v55.0 (Debian), v5.2.5 (Vodia mini PBX) The only constant in this is the version of Safari v10.0.1
  6. https://yourpbx/dom_sip_trunks.htm http://yourpbx/dom_pstn_trunks.htm
  7. I just tried it with http & https on 10.12.1 & 10.10.5 with Safari 10.0.1 on 3 different systems. They all return the same result. Time to update your Mac ;-)
  8. Still the same problem with the v56 release. VOIP & PSTN Providers screen still don't show. The rest is OK. Using macOS SIerra & Safari 10.0.1
  9. Yes I am sure. I could upload some screendumps but with 4.8KB max filesize ...
  10. PBX v5.5.0 (Debian & OS X versions) Safari v10.0 on OS X No errors in console.
  11. When viewing the Admin interface there is a problem with the VOIP & PSTN Providers pages when view in Safari 10.0 Only header and footer are shown.
  12. fonny


    I wish it was true ;( Software-Version: 5.4.1 (Vodia mini PBX) Build Date: Apr 1 2016 18:22:13 License Status: No license License Duration: Permanent Additional license information: Domains: 1/0, Calls: 0/0, Extensions: 5/0, Attendants: 1/0, Callingcards: 0/0, Hunt Groups: 1/0, Paging Groups: 0/0, Service Flags: 5/0, IVR Nodes: 0/0, Agent Groups: 0/0, Conference Rooms: 1/0, CO Lines: 1/0
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