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  1. I am getting regularly reminder mails for updating software maintenance. 

    How can I delete licences? Some clients have closed their business.

    1. Support


      You can directly contact hh@vodia.com and they can cancel the licenses for you.

  2. OK, that explains. I could not understand that from the documentation. Maybe this answer could be added to it? Tnx.
  3. I have a door-phone configured as extension 600 which calls hunt group 500. Hunt group 500 stage 1 calls extension 201 stage 2 calls extensions 201 202 203 204 205 final stage calls extension 201 turn off the cell phone forking is Yes Extension 201 has a cell phone number configured. When calling the extension in a hunt group: Don't call cellphone When someone rings the doorbell extension 201 rings -> is normal behaviour for stage 1 all other extensions rings -> normal behaviour for stage 2 final stage -> extension 201 rings (is OK) but after few seconds also the cellphone ! How come the cellphone rings when not included in hunt group and cellphone forking is disabled? What is the exact behaviour of the Final Stage? What is the meaning of 'Final stage to cellphone' in the documentation? Why the word 'cellphone' here as it can be any number? https://vodia.com/doc/huntgroups
  4. Situation: incoming calls go to reception desk, overflow to 3 other employees, after 30s also overflow to 3th employee. When all users are out of office during work-hour, possibility to redirect all incoming calls to mobile from one of the employees. Solution: Defined Agent group (90) Logged in Agents: 201 211 204 206 Agent selection: preference from the agent settings All agents for this ACD: 201 211 204 206 Ring stage: 5s Number of agents added per stage: 1 Caller in queue after hearing ringback for 30s: 203 For all extensions Redirection Cellphone number is filled in. Call cell phone: Immediately When calling the extension in an agent group: Include cell phone For hunt & callback groups: don't call cell phone Everything works as expected: Incoming call is routed to ACD 90 Ringing on 201, after 5s on 211, ... after 30s on 203. No cellphones are called. Entering Star Code *8090 (set night mode for domain account ACD 90) and 201# will redirect all incoming calls to cell phone of extension 201, entering 204# will redirect all incoming calls to cell phone of extension 204, ... works as expected. But when user put extension 201 in DND mode, incoming calls don't go thru. The other agents are not called. This doesn't seem to be normal behaviour. I would expect extensions 211, 204, 206 and 203 be called. In the log I also get error for No Outbound Dialplan defined for ACD 90. In the settings Dialplan is set a domain default. -> when I look in the domain settings, I don't see a Dialplan option! When I select the Standard Dialplan, and extension 201 has DND active, cellphone of extension 201 is called, after 5s cellphone of extension 211, ... This doesn't seem to be normal behaviour either. I can understand it is normal behaviour when a dialplan and call cellphone immediately are selected but I expect the extensions also to ring. Seems I also have same problems here as http://forum.vodia.com/index.php/topic/14728-having-cellphone-breaks-incoming-calls/ pbx is Raspberry v56 Or is there a better solution to solve this setup?
  5. Very strange. Just been testing here on 5 different systems. This as well Mac systems as PBXes. macOS v10.10, 10.11 & 10.12 all with Safari 10.0.1 (10602. I have the problem with pbx v5.2.6 (macOS), v56.0 (Debian), v55.0 (Debian), v5.2.5 (Vodia mini PBX) The only constant in this is the version of Safari v10.0.1
  6. https://yourpbx/dom_sip_trunks.htm http://yourpbx/dom_pstn_trunks.htm
  7. I just tried it with http & https on 10.12.1 & 10.10.5 with Safari 10.0.1 on 3 different systems. They all return the same result. Time to update your Mac ;-)
  8. Still the same problem with the v56 release. VOIP & PSTN Providers screen still don't show. The rest is OK. Using macOS SIerra & Safari 10.0.1
  9. Yes I am sure. I could upload some screendumps but with 4.8KB max filesize ...
  10. PBX v5.5.0 (Debian & OS X versions) Safari v10.0 on OS X No errors in console.
  11. When viewing the Admin interface there is a problem with the VOIP & PSTN Providers pages when view in Safari 10.0 Only header and footer are shown.
  12. fonny


    I wish it was true ;( Software-Version: 5.4.1 (Vodia mini PBX) Build Date: Apr 1 2016 18:22:13 License Status: No license License Duration: Permanent Additional license information: Domains: 1/0, Calls: 0/0, Extensions: 5/0, Attendants: 1/0, Callingcards: 0/0, Hunt Groups: 1/0, Paging Groups: 0/0, Service Flags: 5/0, IVR Nodes: 0/0, Agent Groups: 0/0, Conference Rooms: 1/0, CO Lines: 1/0
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