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  1. Hi look for any voice mail activated on the analog lines, if this is the case you probably have a different dial tone and the sangoma board does not recognize it. Ask the pstn provider to disable the voice mail and this problem should vanish. Marc-Andre
  2. Hi, Is it possible to setup private lines with a A200. Exemple: line 1 to 3 rings hunt group 1, line 4 rings to ext 230, line 5 rings ext 231 and so on ? Thanks Marc-Andre Dufault
  3. Ok solved, i was using 3cx softphone on my iPhone, i decided to try it with a good old snom 320 and the problem is not appening, so i am assuming it is 3cx. Marc-Andre
  4. Hi, Just setting up a new pbx, as usual i am doing testing before installing. The problem i have is that the first second of audio is way to fast. I tried first with English language and after with french same result. I was running 5.0.9 su i have upgraded 5.0.10 and same problem. Any idea wil be accepted. Thanks Marc-Andre
  5. Actually you are not copying the link but cliking on it. Just right click the link to the upgrade, select copy shortcut and paste it in your upgrade page in the web interface of snom one. The it will work Marc-Andre
  6. I did not tried 8.4.35 but you may want to try it, my costumer problem was solved with and was very happy. Marc-Andre
  7. Hi, Just roll back your 821 firmware to and the low audio on 821 is gone. Marc-André
  8. Hi, For your sound problem on your 821, just roll back the firmware to . I had the problem on 4 snom 821. After returning 3 of them, i did this test and it worked fine. Marc-Andre
  9. The calls is comming in, it rings the phones. The wave file is there, i have looked a that, i even replaced it with another one that a i tooked from an audio promt zipped file i have downloaded from snom web site.
  10. Hello all, I got an issue this morning. The pbx service was taking a lot of cpu, so a decided to restart it and after the restart no more ringback for the incoming callers. Stopped the service, restarted, did diffrent things on trunk setup like force local ringback..... restarted again. No luck. Decided to revert to an older version i have used 6 months ago and guess wath ? Problem solved. Am i the only one who had this problem ? Is there a known fix for this ? Marc-Andre
  11. I would suggest in that case that an option will be added, ie:mailbox behaviour. keep saved messages and say mailbox is full or delete saved messages to make room for new ones. Marc-Andre
  12. Ok, is there a way to retreive a call list from the last 2 weeks, i have looked at the call logs no luck, look a some xml files in cdr foder the oldest file is from last friday.... is there a log file where i can find at least who called from the last 2 weeks ?? Marc-Andre
  13. I have encountered something i found strange, i have customer who was out for 2 weeks, they verrified for voice mails last week and saved a few ones. They came back yesterday and the mail box was full with 20 new messages but the saved ones from last week where gone.... Is this a normal behavior ?? Running snom one v Marc-Andre
  14. It is working great if you have an ivr when the call comes in but in my case i have a live person answering the calls...
  15. I am having the same issue and not sure of what you did to fix it. It is not clear. Can you give more info ? Marc-Andre
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