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  1. If you have a rule to remove or substitute a + like +* = * and you try to test a number the test area reports "No pattern found for the dialed number." If you test a number without a + the test area works fine. Version (Linux)
  2. I would say it is quite likely that the problem is the next hop after the PBX. Internal calls to other extensions work. When I put the name Pied-à-terre on an extension in my test PBX that uses CallCentric I don't see the problem. I will do some more testing.
  3. If the extension is named Pied-à-terre when you try to make a call you will get an error message saying Bad Request. Changing the name to Pied-a-terre, without the accent, works. This could be a problem on your French version. This behavior started on the most recent version (Linux).
  4. I strongly agree, there must be some indication of which password is bad and what is wrong with it. An explanation of the symbol and an error field by the passwords on the extension screen would solve the problem.
  5. On Version 4.2 pushing Cancel Registrations on the Registrations page kills the extension. The phones show they are registering but they never show up in the registrations again. The phones can't place or receive calls. The workaround is to reboot the phones.
  6. I agree that is the way it should work but it doesn't. When I open the browser again it goes to the logon screen. Even if it try to go directly to http://x.x.x.x/dom_index.htm it goes to the logon screen. I am using 32 bit IE 8 on 64 bit Windows 7.
  7. When I load this version on top of 4.1 I get an unexpected termination of the service. This occurs with build 3926 too. I have been seeing the stuck on alerting for a while with Linksys phones. Probably back to version 4.0.
  8. On the logon screen if I check Remember logon information nothing is remembered. Next time I logon the fields are blank. Also the logon screen seems to disable the logon caching the browser does on most other logon screens. I am using IE 8 on Windows 7.
  9. It doesn't look like the enable and disable controls work either. If this is by design then the controls that don't work should be removed from the form or a dialog should popup saying the conrol isn't allowed. You put up a dialog from the web page asking if you are sure.
  10. The reply on July 1 has the ringtone file attached. The problem is the file was missing.
  11. A ticket has been opened with an attached trace of the Invite message. The auto answer bit was set so there is something else different in the invite that is confusing the phone. This is occuring with Linksys SPA942 and SPA962 phones. This problem occurs with version 4.1 and 4.0.
  12. True but the problem is you can't see if the password is empty because the field is always filled with *'s on the screen even if the password is empty. Putting the ! symbol by the offending password would solve this problem. I think the ! also shows up if the password is too weak.
  13. My extensions have permisison too. I haven't got any of my extension to work. If you don't set the permission you get a recording when you try to do an intercom call.
  14. Even after I found out that the ! meant there was a problem with a password or PIN that didn't help. The passwords and pin show *' even if they are blank. The ! should be put by each password or pin that is causing the ! on the extensions list page. If the ! is showing on the extensions list page a footnote should be added saying what it means. I like more error detection and notification but it needs to be clear what the error is.
  15. Dialing the star code and extension for intercom justs rings the extension. The extension doesn't auto answer. It acts like the auto answer bit isn't being set. We just migrated from version 3 where this feature was working. Paging has the same problem, all the extensions ring but don't answer. In addition when the caller hangs up after doing a page the extensions continue to ring.
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