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  1. Hey, I also got a system installed recently. I think it?s Broadcore Hosted VoIP PBX system. I am pleased with the Customer Service of the company. They are located in south California. I submitted my support ticket last Friday and they called me on the same day. The technician told me my problem was probably the adaptor and that he was sending me a replacement immediately. He also told me he turned on the fax/data capabilities. Then he tested the call waiting feature I had trouble with and got it resolved. He e-mailed me a confirmation that he was sending me another adaptor and that I should send him my old one.
  2. I'm looking to switch from Verizon to a pre paid service plan, but before I do I just want to make sure the pluses out weigh the minuses
  3. It depends on where you live and what kind of service you need. I found a good long distance call services at www.prepaidcardstore.com They claim to have lowest Domestic and International Phone Rates.
  4. TEL3Advantage has come up with the cheapest long distance call. You can have a look at their site www.prepaidcardstore.com for further detail. Hope this helps.
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