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  1. Hi, Is the a way to retrieve the queue statistics other than the daily email? We would like to be able to import a file into Excel to run more advanced statistics. Brgds Thomas
  2. Hi, Yes I have seen VOP, I think it looks like a complete mess. As far as I can see it only allows you to import Outlook contacts, I don't think it will show if a staff member is in a meeting, on vacation etc. /Thomas
  3. My users are also requesting this feature (know from previous system). If possible please enable in next version. Brgds Thomas
  4. Hi, We are currently looking for a solution for our 10 switchboard operators. A requirement was Exchange integration, so we only found 2 options: - SamWin http://www.telecomsoftware.com/samwin/Home/Functions/Attendant/Description/tabid/58/language/en-US/Default.aspx - PhoneEasy IP Console http://www.advatel.com.au/content/view/194/204/ Brgds Thomas
  5. This could actually work if it's possible to customize the page dom_acd2.htm or dom_acd3.htm to include the number of calls in line and longest wait time in big numbers. Would that be possible now? (or would an additional page with these details be considered for the next update?) Brgds Thomas
  6. But it cannot transfer calls as I see it. It seems we'll have to look for a 3rd party operator console. /Thomas
  7. Hi, Is it possible to pull number of callers and wait time from a queue and display it on an overhead display, i.e. a flatscreen? What software would we use for this? /Thomas
  8. Hi, Is this intended to evolve into a full scale attendant/operator console for the reception/switch board operator to answer and transfer calls, check BLF etc, or do we have to look at 3rd party solutions for this? /Thomas
  9. Yes, I guess it's standard, we didn't change anything. We do have the following lines in snom_3xx_phone.xml : <using_server_managed_dnd idx="{lc}" perm="RW">on</using_server_managed_dnd> <dnd_on_code perm="RW">{starcode code_dnde}</dnd_on_code> <dnd_off_code perm="RW">{starcode code_dndd}</dnd_off_code>{fin_button dnd none} /Thomas (2nd file is here, was not able to upload more than 500k) http://ge.tt/2vP8HTN/v/0?c
  10. We have the same problem with Snom320 / Epsilon Geminids (Win32). Brgds Thomas
  11. We have the same problem with Snom320 / Epsilon Geminids (Win32). Brgds Thomas
  12. cphtdk


    Hi, We have the employee and customer databases loaded into the address book. DID Calls direct to extensions shows the name ok, but calls what pass through the ACD first does not show the name, only the number...? Brgds Thomas Version: 2011- (Win32)
  13. Another forwarding scenario with no current solution...: External calls to specific employee should be redirected to another destination (receptionist, ACD etc.) on "no answer" after x seconds. That will work ok, but the problem is that internal calls and transferred calls should not follow this forwarding, but continue ringing until picked up or user hangup. Brgds Thomas Jensen
  14. Hi, I managed to solve my problem. First of all I didn't notice the reference in SnomOne was "gui_lang_DK.xml" - the file downloaded from snom.com is actually called "gui_lang_DA.xml" Second I moved the files from the /html directory to /html/snom Now it's loading just fine /Thomas
  15. It turned out I have to make a subdirectory in html/ to make it work. /Thomas
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