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    CDR not coming

    Hello, We use Snom One Blue Version (Win64). Snom does not send CDR to TCP port for some ACD calls. Normally, Snom sends 2 CDRs to TCP port for ACD calls. You can see on the attached image below. But Snom send only one CDR to TCP port frequently. As you can see on this image. This problem causes incorrect classification of these calls on the repors. Moreover, there is no information of record location path. Please give me any solution urgently.
  2. Hello, I realized that if the extension called directly, caller's number is written to Call Return field. But the call comes from the Agent Group (Queue), the caller's number is not written to Call Return field. So, you could not add this number to black list. I want to add this number to black list. How can I do this? Thanks.
  3. Not always. Sometimes it is coming wrong. Not for specific call scenario.
  4. I have another question. In call's acd packet sent to TCP port, wait duration is 1271309918. Also, sometimes it can be minus values. Because of these problems, the reports that i get according to these values are wrong. What is the solution for this problem. Version :
  5. Hello, Is it possible to use Sangoma FXO on Windows Server 2008 with SnomOne Blue edition v4.3.0.5021? Can I send the incomning calls to SnomOne Blue Trunk from Sangoma FXO? Moreover, is it possible to get Caller-ID of the call incoming from Sangoma FXO? Thanks in advance.
  6. centricall

    dial with curl

    Hi, I am trying to use curl for getting response for call list. In the command prompt : > curl -v --user "admin:password" "http://10.xx.x.xx:8089/ajax.htm?action=call_list" Response : * About to connect() to 10.xx.x.xx port 8089 (#0) * Trying 10.xx.x.xx... * connected * Connected to 10.xx.x.xx (10.xx.x.xx) port 8089 (#0) * Server auth using Basic with user 'admin' > GET /ajax.htm?action=call_list HTTP/1.1 > Authorization: Basic YWRtaW46Y2VudHJpMjAwOQ== > User-Agent: curl/7.24.0 (i386-pc-win32) libcurl/7.24.0 zlib/1.2.5 > Host: 10.xx.x.xx:8089 > Accept: */* > < HTTP/1.1 302 Moved Temporarily < Location: login.htm < Content-Type: text/html < Cache-Control: no-cache < Cache-Control: no-store < Set-Cookie: session=sspwdk60mq1cxq791yp3 < Content-Length: 156 < <html><head> <title>Redirect</title> </head><body> If you don't get redirected automatically, please click <a href="login.htm">here </a> </body></html> * Connection #0 to host 10.xx.x.xx left intact * Closing connection #0 What is the problem? Can you give an advice?
  7. Hello, Is it possible to get active calls in the queue by using a link like /ajax.htm?action=call_list&domain=domain.com returning xml file? These calls can be seen on the Queue's Calls page. I attached the screenshot. Thanks.
  8. Hello, We use SnomOne Blue (Win64) for one of our customer. This is 35-agent call center that daily average total number of calls is 7000-8000. SnomOne run on Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 and 16 GB ram. Our customer complains that sometimes there are audio cut and jitter on every call for a while. We looked log file but not helpful. We set CPU 2 for only snom process. Other processes do not use this core. Its average CPU usage is %65 at peak time. Is it possible that call recording to the hard drive is not fast enough that slow downs the snom process so that audio processing breaks down?
  9. Hello, Black listed calls are not connected to Snom. It listens busy tone and there is CDR about this call. Is there a setting for redirecting white listed or black listed calls to an Agent group? I want to establish a system that some call numbers are saved as VIP customers' number and if there is a call on the system from this number, this call is redirected to a special Agent Group. Is it possible? Could you give me an advice?
  10. Ok, i will try your advice. But, I think it could be better if the snom puts the cdr xml files to daily directories.
  11. We use the 64-bit version of snom. And also keep cdr duration is 3 days. But there are cdrs of one month ago in the CDR directories. Why? Does Snom not delete these files?
  12. cdre -> Size: 122 MB, Size on Disk : 494 MB cdri -> Size: 90,8 MB, Size on Disk : 1,52 GB cdrt -> Size: 159 MB, Size on Disk : 686 MB I restarted the snom service. It has been running for 3,5 hours and it's memory usage is 2,5 GB. 2012/2/7 09:22:58 (uptime: 0 days 03:36:27) (-1553MB/16384MB 56% -1698075584-0) WAV cache: 7 Moreover, no automatic Windows Update process on the server, Windows Update runs manually. Disk scan runs on Saturday midnights (the most idle time for office). There is sometimes audio cut and jitter problem.
  13. Hello, We use SnomOne Blue (Win64) for one of our customer. This is 25-agent call center that daily average total number of calls is 7000-8000. SnomOne run on Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 and 16 GB ram. Today, our customer complained that there was audio cut on every call for a while. We looked log file but not helpful. On the page System Status Overview : 2012/2/2 11:45:33 (uptime: 12 days 15:35:01) (-1946MB/16384MB 44% -2109230080-0) WAV cache: 10 What is the meaning of -1946MB? There can be a problem? The pbxctrl.exe process had been using approximately 2.1 GB of memory when the problem happened.
  14. In abandoned calls, we detected that wait duration in cdr package is not equal to duration in acd package. There is sample data at the attachment
  15. Yes, primary call id is repeated on the same day of across days, in addition to this, sometimes primary call id is null
  16. Anything about this issue?
  17. Hi, In web interface of snomone, there is a page named "dom_calls.htm" . It displays "currently active calls". But, In the start column, Time does not show seconds. Is there any way to display seconds? Currently Active Calls: Start From To State Trunk Action 12/14 09:26 xxxxxxxxx 70 (6009) connected TELES Gateway
  18. Hello, We are using SnomBlue Is it possible to change the time syntax? Now, It is like 12/7/2011 4:14:23 PM. But we want the syntax used in Turkey like 07.12.2011 16:14:23. Thanks.
  19. Hi , In our system pbxnsip sends cdr packages to server port. And an application writes the packages to database. In the database we saw that there are repeating PrimaryCallIds at different times although Primarycallids must be unique. Even , There are PrimaryCallids which belong to different days, are same. Another issue is that, sometimes , Primarycallid column in the database is null. How can we overcome these problems?
  20. For example we have 20 agents, ten of them connected and talking with callers. But left ten is free because pbxnsip does not deliver waiting callers until the queue top caller is connected. this causes long queue angd long waiting callers. I understood that in agent group , behavior of pbxnsip like this. Is there any way in hunt group to deliver more than one caller at the same time without waiting the top caller to be connected.
  21. Hello, Is there any detailed documentation about CSTA? We are using SnomOne Blue. We want to get the extensions making outbound call. How can we do that? Thanks for reply.
  22. We have already multiple ACDs. We are not able to use Hunt Group because our system had already been set up according to Agent Group manner. Anything else for solution?
  23. The passage below is copied from the link above you advised; "As previously mentioned, this sequencing of messages and music will continue until an agent becomes available. Once an agent is available, the system automatically takes the next call out of the queue, rings the agents, and puts the call into ringback state. Within any one agent group, only one call at a time can be in ringback state, regardless of the number of agents that are available. All other calls remain queued until the ringing call is connected and at least one agent becomes available." As i understood , it can not deliver the second waiting call untill the ringing one is connected. We want to overcome this snom behavior in any way..
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