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Found 4 results

  1. I just installed last versione of vodia (63.0.2) and some gxp1610/15 grandstream phones (fw and When I click on LDAP search softkey button and I search for like letter "A", phone freezes and I've to reboot disconnecting the power. Someone can reproduce this issue with a grandstream phone? Thank you. Not sure is a bug on gxp fw or other thing. Regards, Alessandro Marzini
  2. The N510 supports a common address book via LDAP, but I'm unsure what settings are required. Has someone done this before and can give some hints? N510 LDAP configuration options: http://i.imgur.com/seB62JH.png http://i.imgur.com/gDyY1xf.png (The "3" in the "common username" field is an extension; I cleared the password from the "common password" field. I tried SIP and web passwords). And "Enable Directory was checked of course. LDAP aside I can report that the N510 works like a charm with the Vodia PBX in any and all aspects I have tested/configured so far. Very nice! The N510 is also a quite good DECT base station with very good reach (but poor web configurator - it seems this somehow "has to be this way" with hardware companies like Gigaset).
  3. Hi friends, Am installed vodia pbx and configured LDAP settings. its working properly and now i want to list my email address on LDAP. is it possible. Am tried lot of steps but everything became failure. am added my LDAP setting in here. Please help me. Currently i can see name , number and mobile number now i want to see email address too. please help me <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <phone-settings>{loop-start 1} <user_active idx="{lc}" perm="RW">on</user_active> <using_server_managed_dnd idx="{lc}" perm="RW">on</using_server_managed_dnd> <user_realname idx="{lc}" perm="RW">{display-name}</user_realname> <user_idle_text idx="{lc}" perm="RW">{account}: {display-name}</user_idle_text> <user_name idx="{lc}" perm="RW">{account}</user_name> <user_pname idx="{lc}" perm="RW">{account}</user_pname> <user_host idx="{lc}" perm="RW">{domain}</user_host> <user_pass idx="{lc}" perm="RW">{sip-pass}</user_pass> <user_mailbox idx="{lc}" perm="RW">{account}</user_mailbox> <user_srtp idx="{lc}" perm="RW">on</user_srtp> <user_auth_tag idx="{lc}" perm="RW">on</user_auth_tag> <user_symmetrical_rtp idx="{lc}" perm="R">off</user_symmetrical_rtp> <user_auto_connect idx="{lc}" perm="RW">off</user_auto_connect> <user_descr_contact idx="{lc}" perm="RW">off</user_descr_contact> <user_xml_screen_url idx="{lc}" perm="RW"></user_xml_screen_url> <user_proxy_require idx="{lc}" perm="RW">buttons-{attribute model}</user_proxy_require> <user_outbound idx="{lc}" perm="RW">{outbound-proxy snom_transport}</user_outbound> <user_dp_str idx="{lc}" perm="RW">{dialplan snom}</user_dp_str> <codec_priority_list idx="{lc}" perm="RW">pcmu,pcma,gsm,g722,g726-32,g729,telephone-event</codec_priority_list> <codec_size idx="{lc}" perm="RW">20</codec_size> <stun_server idx="{lc}" perm="R"></stun_server> <user_dtmf_info idx="{lc}" perm="R">off</user_dtmf_info> <user_server_type idx="{lc}" perm="R">pbxnsip</user_server_type> <user_subscription_expiry idx="{lc}" perm="R">3600</user_subscription_expiry> <stun_binding_interval idx="{lc}" perm="R"></stun_binding_interval> <user_dynamic_payload idx="{lc}" perm="R">off</user_dynamic_payload> <dfks idx="{lc}" perm="RW">on</dfks> <record_missed_calls idx="{lc}" perm="RW">on</record_missed_calls>{loop-end} <timezone perm="RW">USA</timezone> <dnd_on_code perm="RW"> </dnd_on_code> <dnd_off_code perm="RW"> </dnd_off_code> <utc_offset perm="RW">{tz gmt-offset}</utc_offset> <dst perm="RW">{tz dst-snom}</dst> <http_user perm="RW">{admin-user}</http_user> <http_pass perm="RW">{admin-pass}</http_pass> {ifn_parm mac} <http_client_user perm="RW">{mac}</http_client_user> <http_client_pass perm="RW">{mac-hash}</http_client_pass> {fin_parm mac} <with_flash perm="RW">off</with_flash> <language perm="RW">{enum extension lang_audio English sp=Espanol de=Deutsch fr=Francais nl=Nederlands ru=Russian dk=Dansk it=Italiano pl=Polski tr=Turkce cn=Chinese}</language> <web_language perm="RW">{enum extension lang_web English sp=Espanol de=Deutsch fr=Francais nl=Nederlands ru=Russian dk=Dansk it=Italiano pl=Polski tr=Turkce cn=Chinese}</web_language> <tone_scheme perm="RW">{enum domain lang_tones USA au=AUS at=AUT ch=CHN dk=DNK fr=FRA de=GER uk=GBR in=IND it=ITA jp=JPN mx=MEX nl=NLD no=NOR nz=NZL sp=ESP sw=SWE ch=SWI}</tone_scheme> <time_24_format perm="RW">{enum extension lang_audio on en=off uk=on}</time_24_format> <date_us_format perm="RW">{enum extension lang_audio off en=on uk=on}</date_us_format> <cw_dialtone perm="RW">{enum extension lang_audio off de=on}</cw_dialtone> <multicast_listen perm="RW">on</multicast_listen> <mc_address idx="1" perm="RW">{multicast-adrport 0}</mc_address> <mc_address idx="2" perm="RW">{multicast-adrport 1}</mc_address> <mc_address idx="3" perm="RW">{multicast-adrport 2}</mc_address> <mc_address idx="4" perm="RW">{multicast-adrport 3}</mc_address> <mc_address idx="5" perm="RW">{multicast-adrport 4}</mc_address> <mc_address idx="6" perm="RW">{multicast-adrport 5}</mc_address> <mc_address idx="7" perm="RW">{multicast-adrport 6}</mc_address> <mc_address idx="8" perm="RW">{multicast-adrport 7}</mc_address> <mc_address idx="9" perm="RW">{multicast-adrport 8}</mc_address> <mc_address idx="10" perm="RW">{multicast-adrport 9}</mc_address> <codec_tos perm="RW">{global tos_rtp}</codec_tos> <register_http_contact>on</register_http_contact> <update_policy perm="RW">auto_update</update_policy> <challenge_response perm="RW">off</challenge_response> <ntp_server perm="RW">{tz ntp-adr}</ntp_server> <block_url_dialing perm="RW">on</block_url_dialing> <transfer_on_hangup perm="RW">off</transfer_on_hangup> <ignore_security_warning perm="RW">on</ignore_security_warning> <answer_after_policy perm="RW">idle</answer_after_policy> <aoc_amount_display perm="RW">charged</aoc_amount_display> <admin_mode_password>{admin-pin}</admin_mode_password> <admin_mode_password_confirm>{admin-pin}</admin_mode_password_confirm> <cancel_desktop>on</cancel_desktop> <rtcp_xr>voip-metrics stat-summary=loss,dup,jitt</rtcp_xr> <auto_connect_indication_tone>off</auto_connect_indication_tone> <ldap_lookup_ringing>off</ldap_lookup_ringing> <ldap_sort_results>on</ldap_sort_results> <ldap_search_filter>(|(sn=%)(gn=%))</ldap_search_filter> <ldap_number_filter>(|(telephoneNumber=%)(mobile=%))</ldap_number_filter> <ldap_name_attributes>cn sn givenName</ldap_name_attributes> <ldap_number_attributes>telephoneNumber mobileTelephoneNumber</ldap_number_attributes> <ldap_display_name>%cn</ldap_display_name> <ldap_predict_text>off</ldap_predict_text> <perform_initial_query_in_ldap_state>on</perform_initial_query_in_ldap_state> <ldap_server>{ip-adr}</ldap_server> <ldap_port>{ldap-port}</ldap_port> <ldap_base>ou=people</ldap_base> <ldap_username>{domain}\{account}</ldap_username> <ldap_password>{web-pass}</ldap_password> <ldap_max_hits>50</ldap_max_hits> <xml_notify>on</xml_notify> <allow_rtp_on_mute>on</allow_rtp_on_mute> <phone_name>{account}@{domain}</phone_name> <admin_mode perm="">off</admin_mode> <attended_transfer_on_ringing>on</attended_transfer_on_ringing> <prioritise_pbx_number_lookup>off</prioritise_pbx_number_lookup> <gui_fkey1>keyevent F_DIRECTORY_SEARCH</gui_fkey1> <gui_fkey2>keyevent F_CALL_LIST</gui_fkey2> <gui_fkey3>keyevent F_REDIRECT</gui_fkey3> <gui_fkey4>keyevent F_SETTINGS</gui_fkey4> <dfks perm="RW">on</dfks> <display_method>display_name_number</display_method> <ignore_security_warning>on</ignore_security_warning> </phone-settings> And is it possible to sort alphabets at the top and numbers at the bottom. ?
  4. Hi, I see that after plug and play, all the section related to LDAP on my Yealink T22P got populated. I mean, it has the server address, user, password, port and the rest of the seemingly correct settings. It also has the correct flags to enable LDAP. So, I figure that LDAP, or at least some functionality of it will work with a Yealink series T phone. That encouraged me to enable one soft key of the phone (under DSSKey, Programable Key) as LDAP. Now, pushing that button shows a display saying that found the address book empty. I had put just three addresses in the global directory (domain level directory) that I do can see in the Console (if I log in as a user). The data that is populated in the LDAP section of the phone are as follows: Enable LDAP Enabled LDAP Name Filter (](sn=%)(gn=%)) LDAP Number Filter (](telephoneNumber=%)(mobile=%)) Server Address xxx.xx.xxx.xx # which is the right IP address of my server Port 389 Base ou=people Username pbx.xxxxxxxx.com\xx # domain name\extension password ******** Max Hits 50 LDAP Name Attributes cn sn givenName LDAP Number Attributes telephone Number mobileTelephoneNumber LDAP Display Name %cn Protocol Version 2 LDAP Lookup for Incoming Call Disabled LDAP Sorting Results Enabled Did something go wrong in the population of this data? Is there something that needs to be adjusted in order to be able to use LDAP on the phone? I am using version 5.2.3 on a debian 64 bit with a hosted license Thanks in advance
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