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Found 2 results

  1. koolandrew

    How to enable g726 codec

    Is this codec actually available as i cannot get it to work. Thanks
  2. koolandrew

    How to enable g726 codec

    I was interested in a low bandwidth codec, and i came across an old article about g726. I noticed that it is listed in the list of available codecs, but i tried to use it with several handsets and softphones, and when i look on the logs i get "unsupported media type" or not in the list of available codecs. I have tried many variants of g726, but even when i make it the only choice, i get the following: [3] 2016/04/14 12:54:25: Port 61: Update codecs preference size 1, available codecs list is empty [5] 2016/04/14 12:54:25: Port 61: Available codec list is empty when trying to connect It seems that the codec doesnt exist. Can this be resolved. thanks