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Found 3 results

  1. I just installed last versione of vodia (63.0.2) and some gxp1610/15 grandstream phones (fw and When I click on LDAP search softkey button and I search for like letter "A", phone freezes and I've to reboot disconnecting the power. Someone can reproduce this issue with a grandstream phone? Thank you. Not sure is a bug on gxp fw or other thing. Regards, Alessandro Marzini
  2. Hello, Just got Vodia iop and am working to set it up. Using the built in license. Created domain, extensions, and was able to bind the phone's mac to an extension. I opened the account for MAC based provisioning, rebooted the phone, factory reset the phone, and it will not provision. No buttons light up and the phone says not configured. I also tried changing the provision url, because whenever I factory reset, it goes to a 3CX url. I can't remember if that's normal or if it's because it was used for 3cx I updated the firmware on the phone to the latest Version IOP is on Version: 61.1 I followed directions here: https://doc.vodia.com/pnp_prerequisite_steps https://doc.vodia.com/pnp_grandstream
  3. I recently added a Grandstream ATA (firmware v1.0.9.1 [latest]) to my snom ONE PBX (5.1.1 (Win64)). Caller ID works fine with the Grandstream ATA (i.e. the attached phone displays the CID) if the Trunk Routing/Redirection Default Account is set to the ATA's assigned extension. However, if the ATA extension is part of a Hunt Group where the Behaviour: From-Header is set to Calling-Party (or any other setting), the ATA's attached phone simply displays "Incoming Call". I don't have any experience debugging these kinds of problems and any help would be appreciated.
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