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Found 3 results

  1. I am developing a web interface and would like to be able to transfer an active call. I found a topic about CSTA in the forums but it didn't get me anywhere. I am wondering if there is something where I can give the active call id and be able to transfer it. I am using the remote_call.htm right now but the workflow isn't user friendly as the person has to answer the phone in order for the call to transfer.
  2. Hello , I am using rest api to create auto attendants account on pbx by using this method ` $vodiaObj->createAccount("localhost", array("account" => "66666", "type" => "attendants"));` It creates the account no problem. But when I try to change the name(display) for the account it changes the value for both primary_name and display field. via using this method `$vodiaObj->putUserSettings("localhost", "66666", array("display" => "Day IVR"));` And When I pull settings via Rest api ` {"acdani":"","ani":"","cdr_time":"","credit":"","dial_plan":"","dialog_state":"","dialog_subscribe":"","dialog_version":"","disabled":"","email_cdr":"","epid":"","location":"","max_call_duration":"","max_cdrs":"","need_license":"","param1":"","param2":"","param3":"","rb":"","rf":"","view_settings":"","visible":"","action":"","admin":"*","answer_wait":"","code_0":"","code_1":"","code_2":"","code_3":"","code_4":"","code_5":"","code_6":"","code_7":"","code_8":"*976662","code_9":"*976666","completion":"match","def_file":"","def_gap":"","display":"Day IVR","excluded":"","first_lang":"","flag":"","gap_0":"0","gap_1":"0","gap_2":"0","gap_3":"0","gap_4":"0","gap_5":"0","gap_6":"0","gap_7":"0","gap_8":"0","gap_9":"2","hangup":"","input_0":"","input_1":"","input_2":"","input_3":"","input_4":"","input_5":"","input_6":"","input_7":"","input_8":"334#","input_9":"333#","limited":"","min_digits":"1","moh":"","name_confirm":"false","name_trigger":"","night":"","operator":"","parameter":"","play_def":"false","prompt_0":"0","prompt_1":"0","prompt_2":"0","prompt_3":"0","prompt_4":"0","prompt_5":"0","prompt_6":"0","prompt_7":"0","prompt_8":"0","prompt_9":"0","record_code":"","record_ext":"","sd":"false","se":"false","second_lang":"","sl":"false","special_key":"true","timeout":"","verify":"true","wavfile":"","wc1":"555","wc2":"555","wc3":"555","wc4":"555","wc5":"555","welcome_loop":"","wf1":"recordings/att1_14.wav","wf2":"","wf3":"","wf4":"","wf5":"","comment":"","display":"Day IVR","name":"66666","text":"","wav":""} ` I see that it has two 'display' keys in json Can you please tell me which key value pair should I send that only display name change. Thanks in advance
  3. I am working on a ruby gem which works with the current REST api. I am able to generate a session key without issue but once I have the session key, any attempt at another request returns me a 403 Forbidden. I am sending every header that is documented in the API docs and replaced the session key with the one I generated. Here are my headers: { "Accept":"*/*", "DNT":1, "Referrer":"http://myserver.com/welcome.htm", "Accept_Encoding":"gzip,deflate,sdch", "Accept-Language":"en-US;en;q=0.8", "Cookie":"acct_table#pageNavPos=1; session=MYSESSIONKEY" } Can someone help me understand what I might be doing wrong? Thanks! Eric
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