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Found 3 results

  1. nateastle

    API to transfer an active call

    I am developing a web interface and would like to be able to transfer an active call. I found a topic about CSTA in the forums but it didn't get me anywhere. I am wondering if there is something where I can give the active call id and be able to transfer it. I am using the remote_call.htm right now but the workflow isn't user friendly as the person has to answer the phone in order for the call to transfer.
  2. hsidhu

    Rest API bug report

    Hello , I am using rest api to create auto attendants account on pbx by using this method ` $vodiaObj->createAccount("localhost", array("account" => "66666", "type" => "attendants"));` It creates the account no problem. But when I try to change the name(display) for the account it changes the value for both primary_name and display field. via using this method `$vodiaObj->putUserSettings("localhost", "66666", array("display" => "Day IVR"));` And When I pull settings via Rest api ` {"acdani":"","ani":"","cdr_time":"","credit":"","dial_plan":"","dialog_state":"","dialog_subscribe":"","dialog_version":"","disabled":"","email_cdr":"","epid":"","location":"","max_call_duration":"","max_cdrs":"","need_license":"","param1":"","param2":"","param3":"","rb":"","rf":"","view_settings":"","visible":"","action":"","admin":"*","answer_wait":"","code_0":"","code_1":"","code_2":"","code_3":"","code_4":"","code_5":"","code_6":"","code_7":"","code_8":"*976662","code_9":"*976666","completion":"match","def_file":"","def_gap":"","display":"Day IVR","excluded":"","first_lang":"","flag":"","gap_0":"0","gap_1":"0","gap_2":"0","gap_3":"0","gap_4":"0","gap_5":"0","gap_6":"0","gap_7":"0","gap_8":"0","gap_9":"2","hangup":"","input_0":"","input_1":"","input_2":"","input_3":"","input_4":"","input_5":"","input_6":"","input_7":"","input_8":"334#","input_9":"333#","limited":"","min_digits":"1","moh":"","name_confirm":"false","name_trigger":"","night":"","operator":"","parameter":"","play_def":"false","prompt_0":"0","prompt_1":"0","prompt_2":"0","prompt_3":"0","prompt_4":"0","prompt_5":"0","prompt_6":"0","prompt_7":"0","prompt_8":"0","prompt_9":"0","record_code":"","record_ext":"","sd":"false","se":"false","second_lang":"","sl":"false","special_key":"true","timeout":"","verify":"true","wavfile":"","wc1":"555","wc2":"555","wc3":"555","wc4":"555","wc5":"555","welcome_loop":"","wf1":"recordings/att1_14.wav","wf2":"","wf3":"","wf4":"","wf5":"","comment":"","display":"Day IVR","name":"66666","text":"","wav":""} ` I see that it has two 'display' keys in json Can you please tell me which key value pair should I send that only display name change. Thanks in advance
  3. I am working on a ruby gem which works with the current REST api. I am able to generate a session key without issue but once I have the session key, any attempt at another request returns me a 403 Forbidden. I am sending every header that is documented in the API docs and replaced the session key with the one I generated. Here are my headers: { "Accept":"*/*", "DNT":1, "Referrer":"http://myserver.com/welcome.htm", "Accept_Encoding":"gzip,deflate,sdch", "Accept-Language":"en-US;en;q=0.8", "Cookie":"acct_table#pageNavPos=1; session=MYSESSIONKEY" } Can someone help me understand what I might be doing wrong? Thanks! Eric