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Sip Trunk to online provider

Jason Shave

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I have a DID with Inphonex.com and I'm trying to make an outbound call from my SIP endpoint through pbxnsip to Inphonex. My dial plan seems to be set up okay and when I look at the logs I see the SIP:<phonenumber> being sent correctly but the call hangs up right away. I get the following:


INVITE Response: Terminate f167d31e@pbx


Any idea what I need to change? Do I have to add something for the trunk DID? or maybe the Remote Party/Privacy Indication?





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Do you have the SIP packets (INVITE request and the response)? If you know the ISP IP address, just filter for that IP address then you will see the relevant packets and you can copy and paste them here.


I ended up removing the trunk and re-adding it. I can now make calls :)

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