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QOS & Vlans - Netgear switch / Snom Phones


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I have a small office, maybe 10 computers and 5 handsets. I am wanting to setup a best pratice enviroment, so as we scale up customers, i understand how to setup vlans and qos. Does anyone have any documentation on how to do this on a netgear managed/smart switch and Snom Phones?

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QOS - VLAN for a small office.

10 Users is quite small to consider VLANS. QOS is an option, but we've gone as high as 40 Extensions - 40 Computers and No troubles with call quality. (That installation is still going strong almost 2 years) a Full 23 Channel PRI (40,000 minutes monthly) Phones are on Linksys SRW series POE, computers are on SRW non-POE, servers on on Gigabit ports, we use spanning tree... But if you really want to go in that direction, it's all really simple.


Enable Flow control on ports, Assign a Port to Switch Queue (4) high, attach PBX to that port, assigned SNOM default DSCP values to Queues Snoms default to 160. (this is on QOS DSCP page.) You can choose STRICT RWW on the Queues PAGE or go weighted RWW

Validate this using Wireshark that all packets are being tagged with 0xa0 in the DSP DIFF SERVE header.


I think that's about all you have to do.


OPPS, you said Netgear, these instructions apply to LinkSys, but the lessons are likely the same.

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