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Stange scratchy clicking noise on inbound calls


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Hi All


S.O.S. Im in big trouble.

Its seems as soon as i fix one problem i find another


Scenario description:

Config Details:


1) OS = REDHAT Rel5.0 server

2) PBXnSIP Version 3.0

3) ITSP = Mytel

4) Inbound calls go to a Hunt Group that rings several extensions before going to an auto attendant.



I doesn't happen every time but probably 8.5 out of 10.

It seams to only happen with inbound calls.


The caller hears a scratchy clicking noise over the top of the ring back tone.

Eventually the auto attendant kicks in and the noise is still there.

If the call is answered the noise is still there.


It makes the call unusable.

The way it is now the system is totaly usless for inbound calls.


The wholesaler "Alloy Computer Products" can't help.


I would love to get the bugs out of this system so i can sell more systems but it looks hopless.


Please help.... PBXnSIP support, PBXnSIP users, Anybody.......





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S.O.S. Im in big trouble.

Its seems as soon as i fix one problem i find another


Is that a QoS problem? If you are sharing the bandwidth with other Internet applications like Email or HTTP, then you should have a mechanism in place that makes sure that the voice packets are delivered in time. And of course you should have enough bandwidth.


If you look at the BYE packet send from the PBX, you'll see some statistics that show how many packets have been received and how many have been sent. If there is a big difference, you probably have a QoS problem.


There is a checklist on http://wiki.pbxnsip.com/index.php/Troubles...d_Audio_Quality that you can check.


BTW is this a Microsoft-related topic? Or just accidentially the wrong forum?

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Sorry looks like i am in the wrong forum by accident.

As you can see from the problem description It a linux deployment.


Also i should have mentioned that its running on a dedicated DSL+ connection so there is more than enough bandwith.

It happens even with only one call in progress and only on inbound calls.


Out bound calls are not effected.


What do you think i should try next.




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