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Wierd Tapi Issue

Wim van Ommen

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I have a customer who has strange issues when using the Tapi driver.

He posted allready to the forum but did not get any response yet so I will try to explain the issue a little more an hop somebody had an idea.


They use Vista business with office 2007 on the client machines.

They have installed the tapi client.


When we calling with the tapi driver the connection is broken after between 30 sec and 2 minutes.

When just dialing the number directly on the phone everything is fine.


Anyone have an idea what might be causing this issue.

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Yes it seems the PBX disconnects the call

There is no NAT between the PC that runs the TSP and the PBX


I have attach a trace my customer made.


The pc that sends the TAPI call should be or (they where not completely sure).

The calls that failed where to 0641311695, 0638679470 could you check if you see the possible cause?


The trace is at http://download.topit.nl/Download/18-11-2008.pcap.zip

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