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3.1 Beta Image available

Vodia PBX

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Make sure that you have copied the 'Win32 update' not the installer.

You can also, try to run the new installer first and the perform the manual upgrade process.




I don't know what happened this weekend but once I turned off my computer and restarted today. The new 3.1 beta is working now :)



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Advice please: how to turn off "Rewrite global numbers" function? We don't use +/0/00 at all, but the system add "+" before ANI, and trying to use 0 and 00 prefixes on DNIS.

Version: (Win32)


Clear the country code and it will be shut off. That whole global number topic was a bigger cleanup round than we thought, but we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel now.

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Hi Guys,




There is this annoying issue that has been around for a long long time.....

The Scheduling of Conferences cannot sent Email to external parties.......


I really hope this can be fixed...... its such a cool feature to inform external parties of conference but its Broken for sooo long....


It would also be good to have an additional field for us to key in What is the tel. no. for participants to call in to...... or additional Notes field to key in additional conference information.....




Fei Yu

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