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5.4.0 ACD Bug


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with the new version we found a bug.

The ACD Group has 2 Agents when the call come inside the phones and mobiles from the agent are ringing.

After one of the agent connect the call and a new call come to the agent where are already on the phone, the frequent of the second call is only one time (call waiting) after this the pbx not try to connect the agent any more, the second agent not to take the phone and is not in a call.


The caller wait 25 min and longer and hang up


The feature to move the caller to the mailbox after the caller has xy sec waiting in the loop is also broken.

The feature is only working then no agent is on the phone then the caller is move to the mailbox maybe after 2 mins.



We make a downgrade to 5.3.2 the pbx send normal frequent calls to the mobile of the agent, the feature to move the caller to the mailbox is not working.


Please make a hotfix for this problems





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the callflow


Calling party call to the ACD, hear announce, Agent 1 pick up the call on the mobile [press 1]

All ok
Now the problem
A second party call to the ACD, hear announce, Agent 1 is on the phone with the first party, the frequent for the call waiting tone is only one time to the mobile. The party is still in the ACD hear the announce and the pbx send nothing to the mobile of the agent anymore, this is to reproduce.
The feature shift to the mailbox after xy time is working only for waiting party in the ACD and no agent is on the call,
One party is connected to a agent this feature is not working for the other party still waiting in the ACD.
The feature the agent can handle more than one call is active
We use the hosted version 5.4.0
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