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webcdr - incomplete record

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Would like to hear from anyone on this list that is able to send a complete webcdr json record to a remote server and receive the entire record.


I was able to capture a few complete records using tcpdump on the remote server, but more often than not, I am only getting partial records, As a test, I also ran tcpdump on the Vodia server and the remote server to compare output. The record being sent from the Vodia server was also incomplete, so the remote server showed the same info.


I'm wondering if I have my tcpdump filter set up incorrectly (I am using -s0 for full length records) or if the Vodia server is cutting off the record for some reason. My tcpdump filter is working fine with plain json posts, just not webcdr json posts.


I'm having no problems with the plain json records sending and receiving, so this webcdr json is confusing me.


Any ideas?




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Sorry, didn't see your response till now. Trying tshark, I'm getting the Quality metrics truncated in the json format. tcpdump is giving me the full file, so I must be missing something in the command string.


Member Key: "Quality"
String value [truncated]: VQSessionReport: CallTerm
Can you provide the tshark command you are using to get the entire file and I'll run some tests on the vodia sending side and the capture server side. Once I can get the json post completely using tshark, then I can test with the webcdr method.

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I would use tshark -w data.pcap without any filters, then load the PCAP with Wireshark where you can do the filtering much easier. Or just capture the data directly from Wireshark.

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