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CSV bulk upload (extension) breaks Yealink Provisioning


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Just reporting on my experiences with csv bulk upload on PBX firmware 5.3.2 for a dozen or so Extensions with Yealink Phones. My column values are: type,alias,first_name,display_name,mac


Issue 1: MAC address information does not get sent to the Yealink Remote Provisioning Server

Other observations: Delete mac address > save > reupload mac address save. After about 30 minutes or so, i can see the MAC address on the Yealink RPS. That phone is able to load the settings from the PBX and load the appropriate configs however on reboot, the phone does not register to the pbx.


Solution: Manually create the extension. Everything works from RPS to retrieving configurations to registration on the PBX.


Not entirely sure if this is pbx related, RPS related, or both.






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