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Raspberry PI 3

Steve B

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So I tried my first install in on a Raspberry PI 3 as per the Raspberry install instructions.


I am using the NOOBX installer of the current version of Raspbian.


It seems to install ok and the pbx service is running.


When I try to load the web page I get the welcome.htm but it is all in text no images. I attached screen cap of what I get. Is the PI 3 not supported yet or am I just missing a step?


Thank you!



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That seems to be a problem with the right pbxctrl.dat file. Did you use version 5.4.1? I remember there was a version that somehow had the wrong web images.


I have a trouble ticket for support to look at it and I will update this when they figure out what it is.


Just curious though, is there a way to manually update the PBX from command line?



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