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snom_3xx_fs.xml vs. snom_firmware.xml

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We are upgrading our servers from 5.2.5 to 5.4.0. On 5.4.0 it looks like the name of the firmware config XML file was changed from snom_3xx_fs.xml vs. snom_firmware.xml.


The upgrade is causing problems with any extension that has a custom snom_3xx_fs.xml because during the upgrade from 5.2.5 to 5.4.0 the snom_3xx_fs.xml was not changed to snom_firmware.xml for any domain or phone specific config file. The problem this is causing is that phones are rebooting and requesting the firmware file and the server does not recognize the legacy snom_3xx_fs.xml at the domain or phone level so it is handing out the server level snom_firmware.xml file causing the phones to load incorrect firmware images.


These are multi-tennent systems with 50 to 100 domains per server and perhaps 750 to 1000 phones on each server. Is there any quick way to find and replace all the snom_3xx_fs.xml files with snom_firmware.xml? It will be a lot of work to check each domain and each phone to determine if it has a custom snom_3xx_fs.xml that needs to be replaced with snom_firmware.xml. This will require us to manually check 1000s of phones.


Perhaps in the future the upgrades can take into account the types of changes that can affect 1000s of phones.

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We had to clean up the snom files because the situation was getting out of hand with the new models coming out, with names including "D", "d" and "" in front of the device name. We do firmware upgrades only for snom phones; for other phones we thought about it but never did it. Provisionnig firmware upgrades has the advantage that this way new versions can easily fix problems with older versions without having to go to each phone; on the other hand, as you are experiencing, the old saying "never change a running system" might be the better answer when it comes to firmware.


What you can do is change the XML files in the webfiles directory, with a good editor like emacs that does not change anything else. That might be a lot faster then going though each domain and do the changes there.


In the next version, we will keep a copy of the original file in the webfiles folder, so that we can start working with diff tools to see if there were changes that could potentially merged in.

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