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Vodia Best Pratice Hardware

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we work with vodia / snomONE a long time and we found not the right hardware and software to setup a close system



We try M9 and this device was working now EOL

The new M700 and M325 lack on features no LDAP and PNP etc and not very unstabil.


What is the best DECT System for vodia

Gigaset looks not to bad for us


2.) Analog Gateway

OK, Cisco SPA122 for FAX


3.) CTI

We are found this solution http://camrivox.com/products/flexor-cti-outlook/

All phones are supported Yaelink,Polycom and snom


We know the vodia support CSTA, this is not supported from the companys (estos,c4b, servonic etc) and you run in problems you have no support.


4.) Softphone

We have tested juggler and this software is working without problems




5.) Phones

We use for a long time snom, the quality of snom goes down and the PNP is not so deep anymore

Now we look for yealink or polycom


From the vodia site that is the best PNP and feature Phone work well with PNP




Please Vodia give a short overview for a good supported and stabile hardware to setup the right system.

We know all is SIP and every Device is supported etc.











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