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WebRTC deskphone phone dial?


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Is there some settings string I can use to remote trigger the desk phone to place the call instead of with in browser. Like how when logged into the user web interface you can do the same.


I am presuming ti be part of this, I just don't see any more advanced doco any where showing more options.


I am working on my own outlook plugin that can read the message body of e-mails and tel: hyperlinks and route them via webRTC (hopefully) and trigger the desk phone to dial the number.


I have been using the TAPI function for contact list but I want more integration.



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Is there a way to hang up the call created by the remote_call request with out having to end it via the phone so I can code in a hang up button in the plugin for people who are using headsets.


Or would i need to go down the REST integration path to get that kind of function ?

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