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Failing to download domain backup


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I'm trying to download the backup of a domain that is ~68MB and it always stops at 8.4M. Firefox says "Failed" and I can find nothing relevant in the log files (at least until debug level 7). My version is 5.3.2a (CentOS32).


I'm trying to move the domain from my production to my test server on the latest version.


Any ideas on how to either complete the backup or any other way to move the domain to another server?

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That's probably because the domain is bigger than the default size allowed to download.


You can change the default by entering the following the browser, after you sign in as admin:




The value 83886080 (80 x 1024 x 1024) for 80 MB which is up to you what you want to set.


YOURPBX is the of course the URL of the PBX.


I hope that helps you.



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