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Call dead when answered


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25th July 2016




We have been using SnomOne Blue since 2011. The version we have is, 2011- (Win32).


We have 51 accounts, with 24 extensions and a few hunt groups, agent groups etc. 4 of the extensions are overseas (India). We have a number of ISDN channels, and those are connected through a Patton gateway box.


Although the majority of the time everything works great and has for years, we are finding that both internal or external calls sometimes results in neither party being able to hear the other with the phones outside of the building. So, if I (Ext 42) call one of the India extensions (Ext 53), I cannot hear them and they cannot hear me. I have checked the status of the phone at that point and it is still registered on the SnomOne control panel.


If we hang up and try again immediately, most times it is fine, sometimes it take 3-4 attempts before it all works again. We also have some home workers in UK and this issue sometimes happens with them also.


The external phones are pointing directly to our external IP and through the firewall.


The phones we are using are the Snom 320 and the Snom 370.


Can anyone shine any light on where I can check for a resolution.





Dave S. Chunilal

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My first guess would be problems with the routing and/or the router. What you can do is to install Wireshark, run it and wait until it happens (possibly filtering for the involved IP addresses). Then you can look into the SIP and RTP packet, which usually provides the needed insight what the problem is.


Of course it makes sense to upgrade :rolleyes: V5 has a feature where you can generate Wireshark PCAP files for trunks and extensions, making those searches a lot easier and faster.

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