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LDAP and Gigaset N510 IP PRO


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The N510 supports a common address book via LDAP, but I'm unsure what settings are required.


Has someone done this before and can give some hints?


N510 LDAP configuration options:





(The "3" in the "common username" field is an extension; I cleared the password from the "common password" field. I tried SIP and web passwords). And "Enable Directory was checked of course.


LDAP aside I can report that the N510 works like a charm with the Vodia PBX in any and all aspects I have tested/configured so far. Very nice! :) The N510 is also a quite good DECT base station with very good reach (but poor web configurator - it seems this somehow "has to be this way" with hardware companies like Gigaset).

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These settings enable listing address book entries:


Common username: <domain>\<extension> e.g. pbx.xyz.net\1234

Common password: web password of the extension (not PIN or SIP password)

(^- mobile device specific authentication should work the same way)


LDAP search base: ou=people

Name filter: (|(sn=%)(gn=%))

Number filter: (|(telephoneNumber=%)(mobile=%))




Phone(home): telephoneNumber



While this allows listing entries, it doesn't allow to view details or call them. Looking at the LDAP requests/responses, the conversation looks like this:


Initial listing of address book:


searchRequest "ou=people" wholeSubtree




searchResDone success [x results]


Trying to call entry:

searchRequest "Some Name" baseObject

It's asking for these attributes: sn, givenName, telephoneNumber, all of which exist and work in the initial listing.


Also, Filter is (objectClass=*). This is the only difference I see from the request sent in the initial listing.


searchResDone success [0 results]


This does look a bit like a minor bug in the LDAP implementation of the server, since the searchRequest looks correct to retrieve the single object in question. It's the correct objectName specified in the baseObject field, as it received in the earlier searchResEntry response.

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