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Enhancements to call recording page and call log/call history

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It would be a nice if the call recording pages and the call log/call history had the following enhancements at both the domain level and for the individual users.


1. Make the link for the page that you are currently viewing bold or stand out from the other links in some way. Right now there is no way to tell what page you are on.


2. Next, Previous, First and Last links that you can click on to get to the next, previous, first and last pages of the report.


3. Export button to download the call log as a CSV file.

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Yea this is all handcrafted JavaScript, not even using jQuery... We can make the links bold, at least. Export as CSV well the workaround is to take a look at the network traffic in the browser, from there you can copy & paste the list. The next new web interface will do things differently.

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