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wrong language audio file for "play message before recording"


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I'm testing the automatic recording addon and I noticed that, despite I set up the whole configuration with "it" (italian) language almost everywhere, when I set the option "play message before recording", I hear the message "this call is going to be recorded" in english and not in italian. Is it a bug or I forgot some flag/option somewhere? To temporary fix the problem, if it's a bug, what's the filename linked to that audio?


Thank you.


Alessandro Marzini

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Hi, thank you for your reply.

Yes I can see the audio_it, anyway I made a new reinstallation, and now it works, not sure what was the problem I mean I'm pretty "expert" with vodia configuration, anyway, is it possible to have a list of audio files -> speech association? Also because, for example, for recording announcement, in some country we've to specify the law., etc...




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