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Finding extensions that have custom configs

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Is there a way of finding extensions that have custom configs? What I am looking for is to produce a list of extensions that have custom configs at either the domain level or the extension level.


I have looked through the subdirectories of my servers and can't find where the custom configs for each extension are stored. If I make a custom config for an extension I can see the changes in the generated directory but can't find where the customization are stored.


My goal is to be able to find phones with custom configs so that when we upgrade the server we can update the custom config with the new templates installed with the upgrade. Right now we have to manually check each extension which is very time consuming because there are 50 or 60 or more domains on each of our servers and each domain has many phones. We literally have to look through hundreds of extensions!

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The format is just TLV - tag length and value. The tag and the length are fixed-length, binary encoded fields. They encode the same thing like the XML files are encoding. The binary encoding is faster to read, which is important for record times like CDR where there may be thousands of records which cost time when booting up. For the web pages the binary form saves time for escaping entities like & < >.

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