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Grandstream GXW-4008 8 Port FXS Gateway


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I have a GXW-4004 and it is registering directly to Callcentric.com.


Mine works fine. No echoes and you can adjust the gain for both receive audio and transmit audio.


Make sure you update it to the newest firmware. It adds a few more nice controls.


I have not used any other brands of FXO or FXS gateways, but for the money I believe it is a good unit.


However, the online documentation (PDF) is not current as of 6/16/07 for the latest .44 firmware.


The existing documentation is good, but it could be better by being more in detail.


This adds to the steep learning curve. The Grandstream free tech support so far has been by Email and runs about a day or so delayed.

That's OK if you are setting up PBXnSIP for yourself and have time to spend. If, however, you are in the business of selling and setting up

IP Telephone Systems, then its a different story.


Be prepared to spend several hours learning the unit, its worth the investment.


Also, the first unit I ordered was bad out of the box. It would not pull a DHCP IP address. Stayed at


VoipSupply (a good company) where I bought it wouldn't even talk to me about the trouble.


They have a "No questions asked return policy" for returns. I guess that also means I can't ask any questions too...


They did replace it, but it took about a week in transit.


Still, a good unit. I would buy more of them...


Bill H

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