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Cannot log in using HTTPS

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Used LetsEncrypt to generate a certificate.


We are using port 9443 for https. If I go to my subdomain portal, it works fine, and the connection is established and secure (see pic). But cannot login.


Using the same credentials via http/port 80, works fine, and can log in without any problems. I can even change the http to https and port 9443, once loged in, and the session works via https... Why can't I log in using https?




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Certificates are generated for a specific DNS address. If you go to another address, the web browser will reject the certificate (otherwise everybody could just slap any certificate on any server and pretend to be google.com). You might need a wildcard certificate if you want to have multiple domains on that server, or at least one certificate for each domain.

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Yes the green lock is on. And working without any errors. The page is displayed correctly, but when i enter the user without the domain or anything, and the password, the page simply refreshes and comes back with the empty fields.


Note, that on http, it works fine to log in.

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Further further testing, i am able to log-in correctly using the full username: 9999@sub.domain.com and the password.


I think the problem is withing the welcome.js which I cannot modify:

// Redirect to secure login?
    if (session.secure && window.location.protocol !== 'https:') {
      var l = 'https://' + window.location.hostname + ":" + session.secure + window.location.pathname + window.location.hash;
      window.location = l;
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You mean the window.location.hostname there? Or the general idea that users should use a secure transport layer? You can also edit the welcome js, just create a html folder in the working directory, put the content of the welcome.js there and you can happily edit it right there.

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