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Carlos Montemayor

GXP1630 loosing registration when ending a previously transferred call

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We just encountered a weird behavior. The scenario is as follows:


  • The IP PBX is Vodia hosted version 56.0 over debian
  • The phones are GXP1630 with firmware
  • The phones were provisioned using plug and play

The failure presents when the user tries to end a call that was previously been received by a transfer. The symptom is that when the "end call" button is pressed, the audio is lost but the call remains "active" and the phone looses registration with the pbx and the only way ro restore the phone to working condition is to reboot it.


We have already tried using different transport methods (udp and tcp) and different ports (5060 and a different one) and we even upgraded the switch,from fast ethernet to gigabit, but nothing seems to fix the problem


What could it be?



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This must be an attended transfer then? We had some major problems with GXP1628 where a INFO message was not well received by the phone... This issue was fixed in 57.0; maybe you can give the new version a try.

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Thanks for answering.


Yes indeed. It is an attended transfer the one that is giving the problem. I have not tried a blind transfer. The user is an executive and receives his calls from a receptionist and attended transfer is the recurring scenario there. I will give 57.0 a try tomorrow morning (today is not a working day in the country)



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It was not exactly that, but we fixed it anyway. It had to do with some changes that we had done to the buttons template. We were trying to make the BLF button assignment through plug and play and we messed it up somehow. We put the latest firmware on the phone and on the pbx and used the clean templates (not the ones we had been modifying) and the problem was fixed



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